King Mo: Bellator a real sport, UFC just a spectacle

source: Bleacher Report

Since he started fighting MMA, Lawal has seen the politics of fighting first hand and how sometimes it's more about selling a fight than actually deserving it.

He says that's the cardinal difference between what Bellator is doing with their tournament format than say the UFC where there is no prime directive in how title matches are put together.

"It makes it a true sport.  I think the difference between Bellator and the UFC is that the UFC's more about the spectacle and more about flare.  Where as Bellator it really is a true sport.  Every true sport has a title format.  The Olympics have a title format.  The NBA playoffs, the NFL playoffs, hockey, baseball, all that," Lawal stated.

"They all have a tournament format of some sort. I think that's better cause when you win you know where you're going."

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Drugs_Delaney site profile image  

2/22/13 7:10 PM by Drugs_Delaney

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh man , i needed a good laugh today so i hit 88 and went back a day.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

2/22/13 10:30 AM by chaplinshouse

the guy with a "look at me!" crown on his head doesn't like spectacle? 

CindyO site profile image  

2/22/13 2:48 AM by CindyO

Aw... I had to vote you up for this classy post.   Cindy

Megatherium site profile image  

2/22/13 12:59 AM by Megatherium

Helluva show tonight though eh.

PrestigeWorldwide site profile image  

2/22/13 12:54 AM by PrestigeWorldwide

I bet Mo's not liking this tournament structure too much right now...

stonepony site profile image  

2/22/13 12:36 AM by stonepony

Top 5? Oh brother...

JSF1984 site profile image  

2/22/13 12:09 AM by JSF1984

Not many people do that. I would vote you up but can't do so on iPhone.

Porkchop site profile image  

2/22/13 12:07 AM by Porkchop

One thing I can't stand is how they keep calling the guy who wins the tournament a champion.Sure, he's the champ of the tournament.... but the champ of the tournament is really just a #1 contender.It is just another thing for the announcers to blabber on about when they introduce each fighter. It waters down the designation of "champion".

PrettyBoy site profile image  

2/21/13 11:52 PM by PrettyBoy

It gives a guy who would normally never get a shot at a title a direct line to one.Some guys in the UFC have to win 10 in a row to sniff a title shot. Some guys can get title shots every other fight.I mean look at Hendrix and look at Chael. Or Fitch and Faber. Tourneys make it fair.

Othello site profile image  

2/21/13 11:36 PM by Othello

What exactly about an odds on favorite losing makes a tournament so cool? Favorites lose all the time... just curious about what makes this so special or different than a person in the UFC losing a title contender fight?