White defends decision to cut Fitch

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"This is a fucking sport, just like any other sport," said UFC President Dana White after the UFC 157 press conference (watch that here) earlier this afternoon. "It's just like Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA or any other sport.... I was reading on Twitter that this is a travesty, like it's a tidal wave that hit the biggest populated place on fucking planet Earth and wiped out tons of women and children and tons of innocent people. Give me a fucking break. This is a sport just like any other sport. (Charles) Woodson just got cut! The Green Bay Packers just cut Woodson, okay? And, one million other guys are getting cut, traded and everything else."

"Jon Fitch is ranked number nine," White explained. "He was ranked number one, he fought for the title, he was ranked number two, he was ranked number three, six, seven and now he is nine. That’s called the downside of your career. He’s on the downside. He’s lost two fights, one draw and won one fight."

"The response that Jon Fitch has had is awesome -- I'm glad that many people are behind him and support him," he said. "That's not a bad thing -- good for him. And guess what's going to happen? He will end up at Bellator -- or one of these other organizations -- and he will win a world title. He will smash every single guy over there."

"People say all the time that I hated Jon Fitch and I've hated him forever and he’s been waiting to cut him since the video game deal," he said. "Are you fucking shitting me? There is nobody in the history of this business that I hated more than Tito Ortiz.... He ended his career in the UFC.... No hard feelings. This whole Jon Fitch vs. Dana battle is so fucking overrated. I don’t have one ounce of hate for Jon Fitch. I don’t. I don’t hate the guy at all, I don’t even dislike him. Not even a little bit. I like Jon Fitch."

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BshMstr site profile image  

2/23/13 10:53 PM by BshMstr

Word up!

fightharder site profile image  

2/23/13 4:35 PM by fightharder

Dana is losing the plot here completely. And so is Joe Silva for that matter. I though he was actually the dude who cared most about the records of fighters and the integrity of the match-ups between fighter with their connected worth attached.   First he makes an comparison that makes no sense at all. And NFL player and a UFC fighter are different on so many levels. Apart from that the situation where Fitch was in and where Woodson found himself in are also different on so many levels that even mentioning them in the same sentence shows the weakness of your argument.   Secondly,i taught that rankings combined with the fans where the reason why the  UFC where so special compared to clusterfucks like boxing. The UFC always been able to listen to the imput of the fans and act on it but more importantly because of the incredible powerful position the hold in the sport of MMA (there simple not just another organisation) they where able to legitimize the sport and make it something beyond simpel entertainment. That means that people can make there way up the rankings,the rankings do play a big part in deciding the title contenders and fighters who fight a certain way are being kept around so that you the competition truly stays the Ultimate Fighting Championship not the Ultimate Fighting people with good stories,personalities or a pleasing fighting style championship.   Thirdly,how about showing some respect to fairness. You give the dude notice that he needs to be more exciting. He fights his heart and soul out against one of the biggest up and coming talents in the UFC ,defeating him in hostile territory while earning fight of the night honors. And instead of that counting for redemption you cut him after matching him up against the best ground fighter in the division.  Two loses against the best fighters in the division and one fight of the night against one of the biggest up and coming talents in the division,i hardly call that a downslide.   If those are downslides Hardy (who i love and am glad that he got to fight another day) and Garcia suffered from fucking avalanches. Yet there still in the UFC. While the person who is actually  top ten in the division,who hardly fights for that much cash (he does not have PPV or a crazy deal like Lombard has yet is arguable as big a threat in his division as Lombard is) gets cut and you suprised by a backlash?   Apart from being a fan or not being a fan of Jon Fitch the simple fact that you cut a dude with such a record shows you are not afraid to delegitimize the sport,it shows that entertainment truely has taken precent,it shows that people fighting with a certain style are only welcome if they are either willing to fight for less money or never lose and it shows that people without a backstory or appeal to a certain demo really do not count that much anymore. It really shows that MMA is going the way boxing is going and that all the lofty talking about being able to make the match ups basis on skills,fighters progressing on more then just their marketability and shunning easy,uncomfortable match-up was all BS. The sad part about this though is this kind of behavior would be so much more excusable and understable if the UFC was in its infancy,it was having money problems and it was not an established brand.The Fox deal was supposed to legitimaze the sport as an professional sport,where rankings,fairness and records meant something. Instead,since moving to Fox,where getting freak titleholder match ups, main cards with side show attractions,endless divisions of smaller fighters and fighters with rather impacable records being cut while dudes that use to roll with management and have an interesting taste in music getting to fight another day (while never really holding any relevance for the top spot in the ranking of there respective divisions.

BshMstr site profile image  

2/22/13 9:49 PM by BshMstr

good point about Sonnen and Diaz...

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

2/22/13 6:03 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

you stick a bunch of .500 fighters on a card, or try to sell a .500 fighter a main eventer, see how long that'll last.  like someone pointed out, Diaz and Sonnen are coming off loses, and get title shots...but they cut someone who's 7-2 in his past 9 fights.

Symbolic site profile image  

2/22/13 11:53 AM by Symbolic

He compares the UFC to other sports and saying it's just like the NFL, NBA, etc. then later says "this is not basketball or football" WTF?And he says Fitch is on the down slide, yet he gives Sonnen and Diaz title shots who are both coming off losses! Haha!And I'm sure as hell that Leonard and Hardy were on the down slide too, but he says they're there cause they give it their all, yet he said if you have the mentality of just banging and giving exciting fights then you don't belong in the UFC either, and I'm pretty sure Fitch gives it his all too, just not what he likes Haha!He contradicted himself a lot.

Anderson's BBC in my Goku site profile image  

2/22/13 11:11 AM by Anderson's BBC in my Goku

Lol. Makes no sense. So u shit on and applaud in one breath?

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

2/22/13 11:00 AM by SQUEEZIE


Spartan 117 Master Chief site profile image  

2/22/13 10:22 AM by Spartan 117 Master Chief

Vtfu when I get home!!

Spartan 117 Master Chief site profile image  

2/22/13 10:21 AM by Spartan 117 Master Chief

Not sure why people are so mad. Fitch and superDork leaving in the same week it's great!