Hendricks: GSP is scared of me

by Brian Hemminger |

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): Now I don't know if you paid attention to the UFC 158 press conference, but when someone asked Georges St. Pierre why he decided to fight Nick Diaz over you, he said he felt Diaz was the real number one contender because he felt you lost to Josh Koscheck. What is your response to that?

Johny Hendricks: My reaction was like, 'Really?! You're an idiot.' He said that Condit really did beat Nick Diaz, know what I'm saying? He said, 'I'm fighting the true number one contender Carlos Condit,' and now, he's going backtracking and saying, 'Well, I think [Hendricks] lost.' Who cares? You don't get to decide. He's not a judge. He's not a judge. He's a fighter. He's paid to fight and he's paid to fight me. The fact that he was able to ask and get this request [to fight Diaz], the only thing this is, is it gives me more drive. It's not like I didn't have enough but what's gonna happen is, whenever I look across the cage, he's not going to see fear. He's not gonna see anything. All I want to do is I want to fight him. I want to look across and see GSP and that might be something he's not used to. I don't know. I don't know why he didn't take the fight but I guess I wouldn't want to fight me as well.

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): Some fans think GSP is ducking you by taking the fight against Diaz instead, which is believed to be an easier fight. Would you go as far as to say that?

Johny Hendricks: I've been saying even more that he might be scared. I do not know why he didn't take the fight. All I know is he just proved what I thought. I am the number one contender. GSP should be fighting me and no one else. Why he didn't, only he knows and his camp knows. I'm a strong wrestler and I haven't had to prove it. I fought Josh Koscheck and the only time I got taken down was when I threw a knee. It was a mental mistake on my part and Josh Koscheck capitalized on it.

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flip_guard site profile image  

2/25/13 11:11 AM by flip_guard

This... There was already the history and people was saying that GSP was scared of Diaz. I would rather see this happen now than later. Either one of them start a losing streak and we never get to see GSP vs Diaz which was the most talked about fight just over a year ago or they get to fight but it won't have much meaning to it if it happens much later. People would say that they are not the same fighter they were years ago and it would have been a different fight if it would have happened much sooner.So, it is just right that GSP vs Diaz is happening now!!!

Pompei site profile image  

2/23/13 2:36 AM by Pompei

GSP vs Hendricks .... The guy won't catch GSP with a KO and much like Kos, he won't out wrestle him either.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

2/23/13 2:04 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

[RampageFitsLikeAGlove - 1st post? Hopefully we can expect more gems like this one. And LOL at you whining for 2 paragraphs and then calling someone a cry baby]Calm down drama queen. All I did was point out that hendricks isnt doing himself any favors by opening his mouth.

jimbonice site profile image  

2/22/13 7:24 PM by jimbonice

If crazy is contagious, gsp ought to be scared.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

2/22/13 6:47 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

Agreed and in all fairness, it appears to be Underground Blog/ Chris doing his thing again.  Below is what was said. "I've been saying even more that he might be scared."

32Hunter site profile image  

2/22/13 6:40 PM by 32Hunter

how many times are we gonna use this headline? once every week till the fight is done.

Broder site profile image  

2/22/13 6:33 PM by Broder

GSP is not scared of Hendricks and will likely win the fight. It's just business. Hendricks has one punch knockout power. GSP is just picking up a big payday before subjecting himself to the risk of getting caught by Hendricks. It's risk management. Does that make it right? No, not really.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

2/22/13 6:29 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

Don't you fuckin start with ME, thiaguy.  I'm not the one, trust me.  I'll have Soupcan anally rape you, and from what I've heard he'd gladly take on the challenge.

MMAfan1million site profile image  

2/22/13 5:23 PM by MMAfan1million

No, no. Didn't get cut. I believe he retired. Like Cole Konrad. Can anyone confirm?

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

2/22/13 4:38 PM by UGCTT_nightkap

I agree man. These guys fight...they're not scared. But they all probably know deep down who they're not going to have a great chance against. Personally. .I want to see Silva vs GSP and vs jbj. But I dont think it'll happen.