White: Ronda blows Brock out of water for media attention


Professional sports exist not in a vacuum, but within the glare of media. During the 90s, when mixed martial arts got any mainstream media attention at all, it was of the negative, "human cockfighting" variety, an unfortunate occurence that has not entirely gone away.

Things slowly turned following the acquistion of the UFC by the Fertitta brothers and Dana White, in 2001. Mainstream media interest peaked with the entry of Brock Lesnar to the league, due largely to the interest he built through the WWE.

Now White says there is a new star, one that has never shone brighter in UFC history - Ronda Rousey.

“This is, without a doubt, the most media attention we’ve ever had leading up to a fight,” said White at Thursday’s UFC 157 press conference. “And when I talk about media attention, I’m talking about big time media. [Rousey] blows [Lesnar] out of the water. No fighter has ever fought in the UFC has had more attention than she has. It’s a fact.

“Honestly, going into this thing I didn’t know that would happen – that HBO and TIME Magazine and all these other outlets that never cover us would. And if they did, I didn’t think it was going to be positive. I thought it was going to be freak show. Nobody pulled the freak show card.”

What do you think UG? Has Ronda Rousey received more media attention than any UFC fighter before her?

Rousey defends her UFC women's bantamweight title against challenger Liz Carmouche live on PPV Saturday night. Catcht the weigh in today at 7:00 pm ET!

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rescueink site profile image  

5/12/13 11:07 PM by rescueink

Agreed, she def has more talent than those filthy animals. I agree her judo skills are great but the rest of her mma skill is nothing to be desired. And to be given the belt before she ever fought in the UFC took away validity from earning it. Don't get me wrong some of the woman's fights are exciting, but only in a schoolyard amatuer kind of way. The real turn off is honestly Dana white force feeding women's mma down everyone's throat when he thought he could make a dollar. This is only after he said on more than one occasion the UFC was not interested or behind it

kevsh site profile image  

5/12/13 7:30 PM by kevsh

This shouldn't be a surprise.We're talking about a country where Kim Kardashian has her own TV show, Paris Hilton made People magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive list and Sarah Palin was this close to being the Vice President. Unlike those bimbos, at least Rousey has talent. Lots of talent. But if she wasn't considered hot or sexy, women wouldn't even be in the UFC never mind a main event.

rescueink site profile image  

5/12/13 6:48 PM by rescueink

Completely undeserved with a talent pool as weak as she has to contend with. Respect , praise and popularity should be earned on merit not what genitalia you were born with. Just a personal opinion

Gunt site profile image  

5/12/13 6:13 PM by Gunt

Said it already yesterday. I knew it.

Dr Gonzo site profile image  

5/12/13 5:56 PM by Dr Gonzo

Wasn't Fallon Fox the subject of a recent NYT article? She is blowing fighters left and right, I hope I'm using that phrase correctly.

Il Duce site profile image  

5/12/13 5:44 PM by Il Duce

Um, Brock pretty much refused to engage the media. Kind of a lame statement.

gabemadrid site profile image  

5/12/13 2:43 PM by gabemadrid

Ronda still in the media in fact she's even gaining even more attention. I've had a ton of ladies at work who don't even watch the UFC asking me when she fights next.

fishyfish site profile image  

5/10/13 3:30 PM by fishyfish

the media didn't go with the "freakshow" angle with Ronda because she's pretty, so they're going with the "golden girl" angle.  if it had been Cris Cyborg, they would have probably gone with the freakshow angle.  CASTING.

40oztofreedom site profile image  

2/24/13 4:21 AM by 40oztofreedom

$1.4 million gate not bad

DonFrye_Fan site profile image  

2/23/13 5:53 PM by DonFrye_Fan

Stopped reading at "Ronda blows Brock".