Aldo refusing Pettis bout, thinks he's undeserving of title shot


Ariel Helwani reports tonight that UFC President Dana White told him that Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is refusing to defend his title against Anthony Pettis:

Obviously I meant refusing to fight not up flight. Damn iPhone and far thumb.

Dana said Aldo will fight Pettis or he's not going to like the way this turns out. He's absolutely refusing right now.

Dana just said Aldo told him he is refusing up flight Pettis because he doesn't think he deserves it.

read Official Twitter...

It was previously announced that Pettis would be drop to featherweight to take an immediate title shot against Jose Aldo in July.

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MahatmaPetey site profile image  

2/24/13 8:39 PM by MahatmaPetey

Pettis needs to lose a couple fights at LW before he deserves a shot at Aldo. The bar has already been set.

Kansas Comet site profile image  

2/24/13 8:30 PM by Kansas Comet

Aldo vs Pettis tentatively was slated for August

Im gonna Barboza you site profile image  

2/24/13 7:55 PM by Im gonna Barboza you

This. It isn't like pettis was a champion coming down to fight another champion like edgar did. He did ko cerrone tho, which is pretty impressive. But imo that shouldn't give him power to move ahead of llamas for the title shot

cycklops site profile image  

2/24/13 6:14 PM by cycklops

Aldo didn't seem to have an issue fighting a person having zero wins at 145 and coming off 2 straight losses. Somehow THAT guy deserved the fight. Weak sauce bro. His handlers better straighten him up. "I am the champ. I will fight anyone they put in front of me. Pettit is an excellent fighter and a great challenge and I look forward to this fight."-Aldo

FreakDaddy site profile image  

2/24/13 6:07 PM by FreakDaddy

Never thought I would ever see Aldo say he would not defend the belt against a specific person......Very shocked by this.......

InspiritMick site profile image  

2/24/13 6:04 PM by InspiritMick

Also is right

UGCTT SidRival's Butler site profile image  

2/24/13 5:51 PM by UGCTT SidRival's Butler

Kansas Comet- "Finally the wait for the Bendo/Melendez fight and a FW Title Shot is the same time frame. Just makes no sense and not fair to the true Number one contender Lamas."It's not the same time frame. Bendo vs Melendez is still 8 weeks away, Aldo and Pettis could fight May. Plus, Bendo vs Gil could end in controversy and have an immediate rematch, the winner could be injured, etc. Fighting for the LW strap could be as early as July, but it could be much later.

BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat site profile image  

2/24/13 5:41 PM by BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat

Aldo is a scarred . Pettis gonna fuck him up!!

ender852 site profile image  

2/24/13 4:43 PM by ender852

this is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Kansas Comet site profile image  

2/24/13 4:40 PM by Kansas Comet

You are making my point for me the Number One Contender is who has earned the position within the Division, Lamas has won like 5 straight beating Koch who was granted a Title Shot before he got injured then Aldo was hurt, Lamas also beat Swanson. Pettis hasn't even fought at FW. It is like saying Sonnen is the Number One contender at LHW because UFC gifted him with a Title Shot.Or saying Diaz coming off a loss and long suspension is the number one contender at WW when really its Hendricks.Now sure Dana can put anyone in there to face the Champ but again they are not the number one contenders in the examples listed above.What makes the Pettis issue bad is he has earned a Title Shot in his own division why go down in weight against smaller men in a lighter weight class. Finally the wait for the Bendo/Melendez fight and a FW Title Shot is the same time frame. Just makes no sense and not fair to the true Number one contender Lamas.