White: Hate for women in sports 'sickening'


"There's no doubt about it," said Dana White. "This was one of the biggest moments in sports. I've never had so much media around one event. SportsCenter was live tweeting about it.

"But in 2013, I never realized the hate some guys have about women in sports. It's sickening. And tonight, the main event was one of the best fights of the night."

What do you think UG? Great night for the universe, or what?


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BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane site profile image  

3/1/13 12:36 PM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane

Who did say that? Besides i trained for 10 years with some of the best trainers about, spent 3k to move 6000 miles to LA for the summer so i could train with Erik Paulson. I am know what i am looking at. I am not trying to take anything away from you, clearly you are one of the best young up and comming female fighters about. I was simply saying that right now the level of womens MMA is not at good as the Mens. Who knows you might be one of the people that helps address that problem.

ThugRose site profile image  

2/28/13 9:40 PM by ThugRose

I don't know lol sorry I am lost by what you are saying

ThugRose site profile image  

2/28/13 9:38 PM by ThugRose

You don't have to know who this pussy ass bitch name rose is, just know that just cause you watch MMA does not mean you know more than an MMA fighter about their sport duh!

BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane site profile image  

2/28/13 5:39 PM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane

I guarantee that 99% of the people who watch MMA have no idea who the fuck Rose Namajunas is.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

2/28/13 4:39 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

I've been around here since 2007, have attended tons of MMA events (UFC, Pride, Affliction, WFA, smaller shows), know several pro fighters on a personal level and have never heard of Rose Namajunas.  I also follow the NBA but couldn't tell you 1 of the top 5 WNBA players.  Lisa Lesley (or something)?  She still play?

KingOfFighters site profile image  

2/28/13 4:37 PM by KingOfFighters

No one outside of this forum knows what invicta is.

Chromium site profile image  

2/28/13 4:23 PM by Chromium

She's actually 5-0 including amateur, she's one of Invicta's better-known fighters, and she and Pat Barry post rad vlogs of each other all the time. If this was Sherdog I can understand being ignorant but here you should really know her, and pulling out the "I've done business with Dana White" card is just weak. Maybe he sold Dana White tires before or is his imaginary hairstylist, but if you're a legit insider and you don't have a paid account here then chances are you don't care what people think about your credentials and would be secure enough to let your arguments speak for themselves. Total puffery.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

2/28/13 3:44 PM by KingOfFighters

She's 1-0 who the fuck knows who she is? She's just starting her career.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

2/28/13 3:43 PM by KingOfFighters

Didn't mean to offend, in my earlier posts when I critiqued the girl you fought, I thought you did pretty well, and moved pretty well considering it was your first fight. You looked comfortable in there.With that said, that "green name" respect crap is bullshit to me. Plenty of these "fighters" are 0-1, 1-2, most with mediocre records. What do these "fighters" have anything to teach anyone?should I hold their words with the same respect as your boy pat? Who's proven himself against top flight competition?

Chromium site profile image  

2/28/13 3:36 PM by Chromium

You don't know who the fuck Rose Namajunas is? Yeah, you're a real insider, I totally believe you.