Rousey delivers: UFC 157 PPV buys expected to exceed 400,000


Dana White told the media that Ronda Rousey had garnered more attention from main stream media than other UFC fighter, ever, including Brock Lesnar. The question remained whether or not that would translate to a viable PPV draw for the company. White was confident, but some felt as though people wouldn't pay to watch a women's main event. Dave Meltzer often speculates on these PPV numbers and UFC President Dana White has said in the past that Meltzer is often fairly accurate.

That being said, it looks like Rousey is indeed a viable PPV draw:

Over 400,000....they're absolutely thrilled. The show, it was...they had predicted 250. Budgeted 250, I shouldn't say predicted. But I mean, the predictions internally were 250-300. So they blew away their predictions, big time. It''s not as big as I've seen some numbers floating around, it wasn't THAT big, but if you think about what all things considered it was enormous. It was a huge success.

Actually, the reality is that it was probably ... there was a very good chance that the promotion of Rousey was TOO successful because she's been offered a role in the next...whatever it is...the next Hunger Games movie that they're going to film. And once that happens it's know, who knows? She's making a lot of money fighting, I don't know what those numbers are going to be when they come out when they're released. But she's making a ton of money. They signed her to a hell of a contract because they really did believe...not necessarily that she'd be this giant PPV draw, but in other ways she'd be incredibly valuable to the company. And so far she has turned out to be more valuable than they expected.

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Cyril Jeff site profile image  

3/5/13 4:21 PM by Cyril Jeff

  Mr. EaglesWhat1, are you prepared yet to concede, sir?

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

2/27/13 11:04 PM by Cyril Jeff


XcessiveZ site profile image  

2/27/13 2:40 PM by XcessiveZ

No common sense?Fuck off.It's called an opinion, jackass.I never once said anything bad about women fighters.They have every right to fight.I said I have no interest in watching them fight, ESPECIALLY when it's a main event on a card I am paying $60 bucks to watch. Ronda is a talented fighter, but the womens division is the weakest division by far.She just fought someone who was a 14-1 underdog, and the opponents of Caramouche had a combined record of below .500.

JOESONDO site profile image  

2/27/13 2:16 PM by JOESONDO

Are you talking GR of Mayweather? What his percentage of GR is a fairer comparison. I doubt he makes that high of a percentage either but I wouldn't have that number and from what I hear about Mayweather and his money management, it doesn't sound like he knows either. Sure he earns more gross but he also brings in a whole lot more too. Comparing straight pay of a fighter without considering GR and % is hardly a fair comparison. The UFC is being smart by offering a percentage rather than a set amount. This means she earns more when they earn more. Once again large businesses don't generally operate with a big margin so the percentage she is being given is likely fair.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

2/27/13 11:01 AM by UGSlapshot

Whatever you say buddy, I'm not going to debate someone with no common sense, the two men's WC they just added aren't full of ufc quality fighters. They have a few quality fighters at the top but there is a steep drop off in talent, it takes some time to build a division.They just started the woman's division but even so the woman's fight was just as entertaining and quite a few wmma matches have been the best fight on a card.Did you see the last Ben Rothwell fight? Have you seen how poor a lot of HW fighters perform? You're going to attempt to say that Ronda has less skill than any male in the UFC? GTFO.To say an Olympic bronze medalist in judo doesn't have the skill to be in the UFC is fucking ignorant.

Tomato Can site profile image  

2/27/13 10:38 AM by Tomato Can

Rousey seems like she has real drawing power, but it's tough to claim that WMMA is "MMA at its highest level" when the #1 P4P fighter's entire gameplan is bullrush to scarfhold.I don't mind watching women's fights but when it comes to making PPV purchasing decisions, I'm still going to base my decision on the rest of the card.

Invisible Lats Syndrome site profile image  

2/27/13 10:33 AM by Invisible Lats Syndrome

Jew run media.

XcessiveZ site profile image  

2/27/13 10:04 AM by XcessiveZ

How is he ignorant?WMMA is no different than the WNBA or college sports.Its not the highest level. I have nothing against women fighting, but I don't want to see it in the UFC.

fightharder site profile image  

2/27/13 8:54 AM by fightharder

Well guess i need to revise my opinion about the pulling power of Rhonda. I will wait until the numbers of the second event but if she pulls over 400 buys the second time around (with perhaps a slightly weaker undercard) there is obviously relevance.   I personally still would not buy this event for 50 bucks( thats why i am so happy i can still buy it for six euro's) but obviously there enough people who think differently.   Well i guess good for her and for female MMA in general.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

2/26/13 11:28 PM by UGSlapshot

LoL, I'm fine with nubs getting sad about wmma, I can only hope ignorant people such as yourself stop watching.You have no validity to your opinions no merit just sad sack crybaby crap.