White: Fighting will pay Rousey more than movies

source: nypost.com

In a report yesterday, Dave Meltzer commented that Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was already fielding offers from Hollywood, including a part in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel. Meltzer joked that perhaps the UFC had done an almost too good job at promoting Rousey and eventually could risk losing her to Hollywood in the same way Gina Carano transitioned to acting.

Although the lure of Hollywood can be enticing, UFC President Dana White is confident that Rousey will make the most money possible by continuing to fight:

"You know how I feel about the movie stuff. When Rampage did the movie, it was his dream to be a part of the A-Team. I don't want to take away any opportunities from Ronda, but at the same time, her window of opportunity as a professional athlete is really narrow. She could make a zillion movies when she retires. Where she's really going to get the money is here fighting. I don't care if she's the lead role in ‘The Hunger Games 2,' she would not make anywhere near - I mean, not even in the universe - to the money she makes fighting."

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Jsteven site profile image  

2/28/13 8:05 PM by Jsteven

Obviously a stupid thing to say, the lead role in a movie like that is millions. Not to mention the exposure and opportunity for other lead roles. I do however agree hat the relatively small role she would have would obviously not pay as well as fighting.

Silverball site profile image  

2/28/13 7:53 PM by Silverball

Similar to undisclosed pay in the UFC?From the Hollywood Reporter:"Lawrence and her co-stars Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) could get another $500,000 in “escalators,” or extra cash the studio shells out when a movie surpasses certain box offices numbers." Which it did, so in addition to her base salary, Lawrence may have pocketed up to another $500,000 in bonus money.

JerodR site profile image  

2/28/13 7:26 PM by JerodR

Lawrence got 500K base for the first one. Once the movie went above and beyond that she continued to make more. She made around 1 million when it was all said and done. However given the success, and her recent exposure combined with her Oscar win she is now looking at about 10 million. The issue is that we are compairing an A List actor with someone that has never acted before. Very different pay scales, but good exposure for the UFC for small roles if she chooses.

Silverball site profile image  

2/28/13 7:17 PM by Silverball

See, not even in the ball park...Oh, wait...nevermind.

Dodge135 site profile image  

2/28/13 7:04 PM by Dodge135

There are very few movies that are guaranteed to do as well as this one, they can afford Ronda and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Dana White and the UFC can wait.

jbapk site profile image  

2/28/13 6:46 PM by jbapk

If she makes 100k-500k, she would be making about as much for movies as she would for fighting, in a much less physically grueling activity.And that's not counting extras like public appearances and such.

JerodR site profile image  

2/28/13 6:20 PM by JerodR

This is the key right here... Even if they paid her well for being a no name actress we are talking 100K-500K max. That would also be for a lead part, which no way is Ronda going to get. Could she make some good money by playing a bad ass in a Hunger Games sequal? Sure, but not UFC money. As the champ, with big sponsors, and with her kind of exposure she will be a 7 figure fighter, which she will never see in Hollywood.

TheVileOne site profile image  

2/28/13 6:14 PM by TheVileOne

So what about Jennifer Lawrence? She's a movie star and an Academy Award winner. She's at the top of the food chain now, and Rousey comes nowhere close to where Lawrence is in the movie world.

NotImpressedByYourScreenName site profile image  

2/28/13 5:56 PM by NotImpressedByYourScreenName

Good luck not getting locked into anything and keeping your options open with a UFC contract...Also for those talking about sponsorships etc that has nothing to do with the UFC and paying fighters a fair share of the gate / PPVs.

sacredhate site profile image  

2/28/13 5:21 PM by sacredhate

Who has made this form of transition best?I'd say "Dwayne the rock Johnson", because:"He was listed in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-paid actor in his first starring role, receiving US$5.5 million for this movie."how did he do it? he put a solid decade into the WWE building up his personal brand and name...and worked his way up to a starring role in movies.he went from being a wrestler to "franchise saver" in the eyes of hollywoodhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/dorothypomerantz/2012/05/16/the-rock-is-kicking-ass-and-saving-franchises/I know it's not directly related but in doing the research i got pretty impressed so i included it here because I never realized that Dwayne had turned himself into such a movie mogul. pretty fucking impressive.