William Morris Endeavor signs Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey has signed with William Morris Endeavor, the world's largest and oldest talent agency, with offices in Beverly Hills, New York City, Nashville, London, and Miami. Founded as the William Morris Agency in 1898, WME represents artists from all facets of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television, music, theatre, digital, publishing, lifestyle, and physical production.

WME Co-CEO Ari Emanuel was crucial in brokering the $700 million deal between the UFC and FOX. Emanuel is the basis for the character Ari Gold in HBO's Entourage.

Mixed martial artist star and judo Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey has signed with WME.

Rousey was the first female fighter to join the UFC, becoming its first female champion. A judoka, she has won every fight in the first round by armbar.

Rousey became the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in Judo, capturing bronze at the Summer Games in Beijing.

While male fighters and athletes have a long tradition of crossing over from sport to screen, women are less known for making the transition. Gina Carano, another MMA fighter, famously segued into acting when she starred in the 2012 Steven Soderbergh action film Haywire. She is now set to appear in Fast & Furious 6.

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PrettyBoy site profile image  

2/28/13 6:34 PM by PrettyBoy

I'm not arguing with you man.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

2/28/13 6:32 PM by PrettyBoy

Right upon reading again he really said he doesn't care either way just that they do need a good lawyer to go over their contract.

HexRei site profile image  

2/28/13 6:12 PM by HexRei

Have you ever disagree with anything Dana has ever said? Serious question.

CindyO site profile image  

2/28/13 5:54 PM by CindyO

Ah, so basically, DW never said fighters don't need agents. Nor did he say they didn't need managers. Thanks Dada.   Cindy

Fighttrader site profile image  

2/28/13 5:49 PM by Fighttrader

There is for sure a huge difference between the good ones and the bad ones. The bad ones cause more harm then good and the really bad ones end up owing fighters money.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

2/28/13 5:43 PM by time traveling 12er

If that's the quote... Managers and agents are different people.

HexRei site profile image  

2/28/13 5:42 PM by HexRei

There's also this one:"All those Hollywood agents. You know how I feel about that," White is quoted as telling Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press. "They're all a bunch of pukes who tell you 'we can do this, we can do that.' If they deliver on 20 percent of that they tell you they're going to do, you know ... When you end up signing with this those guys, they end up (screwing) you up some way."

Don_Dada site profile image  

2/28/13 5:40 PM by Don_Dada

"Does a fighter need a manager? What a fighter needs is a real good attorney. The fighter needs a great attorney to go through their contract, and an attorney can negotiate your contract for $250 an hour. Or you can have a manager because (with) some guys, it depends on what you want. Some guys have these managers who do everything for them. They get sponsorship for them. They get all their bills. They do all their [expletive]."That's probably the quote PrettyBoy and 12 are talking about.

HexRei site profile image  

2/28/13 5:35 PM by HexRei

I remember him saying it too. I'll do a search and post if I find the quote.

Fighttrader site profile image  

2/28/13 5:34 PM by Fighttrader

Most managers in MMA that carry weight are lawyers or have partners who are lawyers. But if you just have a lawyer to review your contracts, who is going to get you sponsors, appearances, seminars, etc. Sometimes the lawyer does that too but not that often. Also I didn't ask about timeframe I said wasn't Dana, Chucks manager. Simple yes or no. The answer is yes!