Diaz: I don't give a f---, take me down

source: ufc.com

Former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz is set to fight Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight champion on March 16th in Montreal, Canada.


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Jo'donnell-Davies site profile image  

3/4/13 7:45 AM by Jo'donnell-Davies

Don't be scared homie

NotImpressedByYourScreenName site profile image  

3/4/13 7:30 AM by NotImpressedByYourScreenName

If retarded = correct, then you are correct. (See what I did there?)

MattBFD site profile image  

3/3/13 9:45 PM by MattBFD

Brother, if you think that Georges' GNP wouldn't put people out if they didn't defend it properly, I don't know what to tell you. Same with Bendo. Nate Diaz did good defending it because Bendo was swinging some deadly shit.

32Hunter site profile image  

3/3/13 1:06 PM by 32Hunter

rip gsp.

SoupCan site profile image  

3/3/13 12:40 PM by SoupCan

Stephen we get it, you're retarded... STFU already

Stephen Holder site profile image  

3/3/13 12:34 PM by Stephen Holder

The point is Carlos wasnt in control for even ten seconds in the Diaz fight, hell he wouldnt even engage him. Even in the clip you show from this fight, Condit is noncomittal and tentative. As Rogan would say, Carlos Condit showed 'respect' for Nick's standup from bell to bell. You cant say the same for Condit in regards to his fight with GSP. At no point was Condit in any real trouble or hesitant to engage GSP. Yeah hes bloody there and getting pounded but does he look like hes worried at all? Nah Its like I said in an earlier post, the majority of GSP's fights are boring as shit but the GSP v Condit fight was actually pretty entertaining due to the fact that GSP lost control by the 3rd round.

w9 site profile image  

3/3/13 11:55 AM by w9

lol, love the fact that Diaz haters won't talk about George almost getting finished by Carlos.

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

3/3/13 11:29 AM by SickEyeDiaz

"Diaz fans need to ease up on the bong hits for a few hours and avoid posting. There is not even an alternate dimension where Diaz beats GSP when it comes to cardio." Soooo...let me get this straight. You're saying GSP could run farther, swim farther, etc. than a guy who religiously does full length triathalons? And it's inconceivable to think otherwise? RRRRight.  Looks like you're the one that needs to lay off the bong hits. They both have enough gas to go five hard rounds, and that's all that matters...let's just leave it at that.    

the BOSS 041ZAR site profile image  

3/3/13 11:21 AM by the BOSS 041ZAR

looking forward to this fight :)

MattBFD site profile image  

3/3/13 9:40 AM by MattBFD

You're right about this.  Here are some examples:   Here's Carlos Condit having a tough fight with Nick Diaz.   Notice how tough it was for him to ward off Nick's diverse attack and try to land strikes. He seemed like he was constantly guessing what Diaz would do next.   It's hard to understand how Condit even survived this Blitzkrieg performance that night.   Not much to see here.  Akin to Condit taking a leisurely walk in the park really.  The toughest fight of his life has already happened, he's clearly taking a relaxed approach to this breeze of a fight.   Look at Condit's posture here: he's clearly bored with this fight.  He even decided to start bleeding just for something to do.   That was nowhere near as tough as my last fight....