Wand: My most beautiful knockout


Wanderlei Silva made his mark in the glory days of Pride Fighting Championships, where we stunned the world with some of his most ferocious and surprising finishes. Six years later, Wanderlei Silva returns to Japan to face Brian Stann.

Silva looks back and reflects on his greatest Pride victories, and says that his March 2nd bout with "The All American" will be another one for the highlight reel.

Catch this highly-anticipated five-round light heavyweight bout on UFC: Silva vs Stann, live on FUEL TV, Saturday, March 2 at 10PM/7PM ET/PT.


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MMA Playwrite site profile image  

3/4/13 12:40 PM by MMA Playwrite

Maybe it's time to add Stann to that list.

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

3/2/13 6:25 PM by NomoRomophobia

Entertaining damnit... Fu>

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

3/2/13 6:24 PM by NomoRomophobia

I love that man.Beep beep beepity beep!The most entertains fighter of all time IMO.Good luck Wanderlei!Get a win tonight!

Battlist site profile image  

3/2/13 5:56 PM by Battlist

@MMA Playwrite - I was extremely curious about your third observation as well. Google turned up THIS page. Haha.

kawz1 site profile image  

3/2/13 5:07 PM by kawz1

Brian Stann is awesome, hope he gets axe-murdered tonite though.

RobinVanRooney site profile image  

3/2/13 4:47 PM by RobinVanRooney

Do want

Rear Naked Chode site profile image  

3/2/13 4:39 PM by Rear Naked Chode

War Wand War Rapechoke

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

3/2/13 4:23 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

Aging from the wars he's had plus he had some kind facial surgery.