Struve: Hunt broke my jaw (Updated with x-rays)

by Chris Palmquist |

In the third round of their heavyweight bout, Mark Hunt landed a strong right hand followed by a leaping left hook that put Stefan Struve down on the mat. Struve was visibily hurt, but not unconscious. Referee Herb Dean jumped in closer to the action as Hunt put his hands up and walked away, although it looked like Dean was ready for the bout to continue. Dean then waived the fight off, awarding the TKO win to Hunt.

It did look as though Struve may have been able to continue, but he clarified the situation tonight via Twitter:

Thanks for the support everybody, I wanted Herb to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue but then it turned out my jaw was broken...

45 minutes to the hospital without painkillers.. Man, please choke me out.. Jaw is hurting like crazy.. :(

@danawhite get me morfine please this fucking ambulance hasn't got any :( :( :(

read official Twitter...

We knew that Stefan Struve claimed his jaw was broken, but it wasn't until this afternoon that we knew for sure, as the UFC heavyweight tweeted this picture of his x-ray:

<a href=Stefan Struve" src="" />

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Thank you Sir! Just trying to emulate the master with some out of the ordinary gifs

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Very cool gif! VU

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1. kim couture is awesome and even sexier to me know 2. good on blaf. he can be an alright dude at times3. cat is funny4. when is the fight over? Hunt knows - Nike

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I apologize for apologizing about a post that wasn't tasteless, but got removed and the whole thread title changed. I apologize .

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3/3/13 10:57 PM by Jaybrone

Dude took some very hard shots to the face in every round. How he took some of those shots and stayed up right as long as he did is pretty impressive.

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3/3/13 10:29 PM by Snowguy

I can vouch that getting your jaw broken in a fight in fact does indeed suck

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Turn the vase over and the cat probably slides out.

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