Watson wants Wanderlei Silva next, will 'knock him the f--- out'

source: bloodyelbow.com

As is standard in the UFC, it didn't take long for potential opponents to come out of the woodwork and begin to call out the man riding a high.

In this case it was Tom Watson who took to his Twitter account with the following:

Yo @wandfc, stay on your supplements at 205, or come back to 185 and get knocked the fuck out. You decide? Obrigado @ufc & @danawhite.

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Of course, a fight with Watson makes very little sense for Silva. For starters, Watson is 1-1 in the UFC and picked up a loss in his debut against Brad Tavares. While the loss was technically a split decision, the one Watson card was a clear "hometown judging" issue as every media card tracked by MMA Decisions was 30-27 Tavares.

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FearTheClown site profile image  

3/6/13 5:42 AM by FearTheClown

He's probably embarrassed about that comment now and likely won't do anything stupid like that again if he has any sense

DanCrase site profile image  

3/6/13 3:16 AM by DanCrase

Only if you're immature as fuck. His friend wasn't knocked out by another guy outside a nightclub, it was their job; that they both agreed to and knew what they were getting into. Wand didn't get in Stann or Tom's face afterwards; he was respectful, even said Stann "was so close" to winning. There's 1 of 2 opinions here from me; if Tom was drunk and that's the reason for the language (him calling out Wandy is cool, the way he put it wasn't) then he needs to curb his drinking. The last thing this sport needs is a fighter who gets drunk and aggressive. This is asking for trouble. If he said it sober, then I understand what he's trying to do, but doing it when he's 1/1 just makes him sound desperate and cockish

WelshWarrior site profile image  

3/5/13 10:58 PM by WelshWarrior

This was done right after his best friend and trainin partner got ko*d by silva.... heated yes... in bad taste yes.... but understandable... for sure!

1_less_name site profile image  

3/5/13 10:38 PM by 1_less_name

Yeah he's obviously past his prime.Wore out old fucker.

punchyone site profile image  

3/5/13 10:36 PM by punchyone

It would be a good scrap, I really think we are going to see wand vs Chael thoughz

punchyone site profile image  

3/5/13 10:36 PM by punchyone


nrallen site profile image  

3/5/13 8:52 PM by nrallen

Tom likely would knock Wand out. Wand has a suspect chin and throughout Tom's combined boxing, kickboxing and MMA contests he's not been knocked out.

punchyone site profile image  

3/4/13 11:21 PM by punchyone

You drama queen, just gave the UFC a bad name, gtfo! This crap has been going on, in fact encouraged by the UFC, for a long time. Dana cut Fitch because he wasn't an exciting fighter, this never bringing in the crowds an PPV buys. Kong just won FOTN and KO of the night a week before calling out wand. Also was probably reacting emotionally after watching his friend get KO'd. You over protective fanboys are ridiculous, like white knighting for a hot chick, wand still doesn't know you or think you're cool.

UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax site profile image  

3/4/13 10:54 PM by UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax

Never heard of this guy.. wand has no reason to beat em up its not worth it

Billytk site profile image  

3/4/13 10:48 PM by Billytk

Normally I don't begrudge anyone making a living but in this case I hope dana fires this loser to free up one of the 100 spots he wants, hell if he cut a top 5 guy like Fitch because he "cost too much" then he should have no problem cutting this loser that just gives the UFC a bad name and has no real upside anyway