Gonzaga not impressed with level of BJJ in UFC's heavyweight division


As someone who has been a staple of the UFC big boy’s club for nearly a decade, Gonzaga has seen a lot of fighters come and go. He’s also seen the evolution of the game. But speaking with Pro MMA Now Radio Sunday night, “Napao” admitted he is less than impressed with the UFC Heavyweight division’s ground game development:

“Actually I thought it was going to be better. Because when the years go by the people start to develop more skills. But I think the heavyweight division, the people don’t have ground game skills how the other divisions have. Every single different division has a really high level black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu showing their skills there except heavyweights do not having good ground game skills.

Mark Hunt yesterday showed a lot of mistakes in [his] ground game. Brendan Schaub’s last fight too with.. I forgot his name, didn’t show too much of ground game. They improve a lot in wrestling game to put the guys down, to throw the guys to the ground, that improve a lot but the ground game is still a little bit far from the other divisions.”

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BJ Penn Forever site profile image  

8/28/13 1:09 AM by BJ Penn Forever

I would love for Gonzaga to fight Mir and Barnett. Both fights would be great. Just grateful Mir vs Barnett is finally happening. High level submission ability is not the norm in heavyweight MMA and these three guys plus Nog, Werdum, and Monson are all getting long in the tooth. What young heavyweights have sub games that can one day be on the level of Gonzaga, Mir, Barnett, Werdum, Nog, and Monson?

Fedors Jim Jams site profile image  

3/5/13 3:56 PM by Fedors Jim Jams

if i didn't see it, it never happened.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

3/5/13 2:12 PM by eljamaiquino

What's crazy is that Maia has beaten Napao in competition more than once, & he's at 170!!

bruceleesspirit site profile image  

3/5/13 12:00 PM by bruceleesspirit

exactly this is what he meant.

bruceleesspirit site profile image  

3/5/13 11:59 AM by bruceleesspirit

you must be joking about Cormier. I'd like to see Roy Nelson vs. Napao

Lahzerous site profile image  

3/5/13 11:55 AM by Lahzerous

Carwin knocked him out but before that he had Shane in some big trouble.

bruceleesspirit site profile image  

3/5/13 11:53 AM by bruceleesspirit

Its funny too in the interview he said he never had plans really to stand and bang with Cro Cop but it just worked out.

bruceleesspirit site profile image  

3/5/13 11:50 AM by bruceleesspirit

he submitted his last three opponents.

bruceleesspirit site profile image  

3/5/13 11:49 AM by bruceleesspirit

He has submitted his last three opponents though.

MadmanGadman site profile image  

3/5/13 10:49 AM by MadmanGadman

To me I think he's saying he's surprised the younger heavyweights coming in have little ground game and he's surprised by this. As time goes on the younger guys have been coming into the big leagues more well rounded, but in the heavyweight division this is not true. The guys in this division with good ground games are mostly veterans of the sport.