Munoz: Lombard has been mediocre at best


“Since Hector Lombard has been in the UFC, he’s been mediocre at best," said Mark Munoz. "But at the same time, he’s been fighting high-caliber fighters. Yushin Okami has been in the top five for a long time, you know, so he’s no slouch. At the same time, he was asking for a title shot, I felt he needed to prove his own in the weight class. So he’s being introduced to the UFC.

"Down the road if it presents itself, yeah I’d fight Hector Lombard. I’m definitely a guy that accepts any fight that the UFC throws at me, you know? I’m that guy. But at the same time I wanna show the world that I can definitely compete at that weight class and I can fight high-caliber fighters.”

Is Munoz accurate? Has Lombard been only mediocre? And how would a Munoz vs. Lombard fight go?

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fightharder site profile image  

3/5/13 3:43 PM by fightharder

That might be right, but only just.But he simply is not worth the money he is currently getting. They should cut him and then resign him.I do not begrudge the dude his pay but if it means that the UFC has to cut three other fighters to keep him on the books for the current amount i rather see him go ( for a short time).

Phil999 site profile image  

3/5/13 3:43 PM by Phil999

So even if you were the crappiest fighter ever you can't say that someone else is mediocre?

Lord Zeik site profile image  

3/5/13 3:13 PM by Lord Zeik

I honestly think they should cut him. He is too expensive for what he is delivering.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

3/5/13 3:10 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

Its a good fight. Lombard showed himself to be susceptible to leg takedowns and Munoz suffers from Tito Ortiz syndrome on the feet

Authority Figure site profile image  

3/5/13 3:06 PM by Authority Figure

Love Munoz, but be careful what you ask for...

Fobby site profile image  

3/5/13 3:05 PM by Fobby

Munoz is the guy Weidman beat to get a chance at the fucking Goat! What a joke. Top 5 my ass. Hector please smash this fool for talking shit about you.

XcessiveZ site profile image  

3/5/13 3:05 PM by XcessiveZ

I forgot these two wanted to fight.Nows the perfect time to make this matchup.Id prefer this to Stann vs Lombard.

PTM2020 site profile image  

3/5/13 3:01 PM by PTM2020

I say Mark takes him down and pounds Lombards brain into the back of his spine.

Porkchop site profile image  

3/5/13 2:58 PM by Porkchop

He is right about Lombard not performing the way people expected but you have to look at it realistically. Lombard is short and has a tiny reach. With fighters that can keep a good range, this becomes a problem. Okami did that well in this past fight. Boetch did a pretty good job of it too.Lombard is a top 10 guy though and it'd be the wrong move to cut him.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

3/5/13 2:50 PM by DoomFarmer