Official ABC policy on transgender fighters


The Association of Boxing Commissions maintains a number of committees that work year round to refine the guidelines for a wide variety of crucial topics in combat sports. One of these is the ABC Medical Committee for MMA and Boxing, chaired by Dr. Sheryl Wulkan.

At the 2012 convention. Dr. Wulkan presented the members with suggested guidelines concerning the heath and safety of combat sports participants. These included a subject that has received enormous press coverage this week, from CNN to TMZ, the participation of Fallon Fox, who underwent surgery and transgendered from male to female.

Many felt the appearance of a transgendered fighter in MMA would create chaos. However, Dr. Wulkan and her committee have a well-established protocol already, similar to the one put in place by the IOC.

The PDF of the guidelines, provided by Nick Lembo of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB), provides the full details; the short summary is:

Individuals undergoing sex reassignment from male to female PRIOR to puberty should be regarded as girls and women (female).
Individuals undergoing sex reassignment from male to female AFTER puberty should be eligible for participation in female competitions under the following conditions:
•Surgical anatomical changes have been completed, including external genitalia and gonadectomy.
•Hormone therapy appropriate for the assigned sex (female) has been administered by a board certified endocrinologist or internist, pediatrician, or D.O. or any other specialist known to have significant knowledge with transsexuals and transgender individuals for a MINIMUM of TWO YEARS after gonadectroy. This is the current understanding of the minimum amount of time necessary to obviate male hormone gender related advantages in sports competition.
•A letter form a board certified physician responsible for the care of this patient will need to be submitted to the medical revue panel, the athletic commission being petitioned for licensure, and to the ABC Medical Review Board.

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3/10/13 12:57 AM by huggy bear

This is tasteless but did make me laugh so props 2 u.

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3/9/13 8:46 PM by philipee32

Fallon "The X-Man" Fox

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3/9/13 3:09 AM by robbie380

The IOC has the same position. 

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3/9/13 3:04 AM by SlickPacific


SlickPacific site profile image  

3/9/13 2:58 AM by SlickPacific

Incredibly stupid and spineless decision.

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3/9/13 2:48 AM by ric482

Gonadectroy? Sounds like a Decepticon.

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3/9/13 1:37 AM by Bisping KOd by CHRIST

Everyone vote this pc liberal tard down. jesus, you fag.

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3/9/13 1:35 AM by Bisping KOd by CHRIST

Fuck that dude. hope ever female he fights kicks him in his gash-gina.

goldenboyart site profile image  

3/9/13 12:54 AM by goldenboyart

Why are you being so disrespectful calling her HIM, numerous times. f you're not up on this, the person in question is a SHE now and should be addressed as such.She's transgendered and NOT a man anymore. have some respect bro. It's just not cool.As far as I'm concerned if her hormones fall in the required level and it's been years since her SRS and she's anatomically a woman now let her fight. They don't do chromosome testing anymore since so many people (including Olympic champions) have been shown to have teh Y chromosome also since it's not un-rare for people in the world to have both sets. so they also go to hormone levels and if the no longr have male parts and have been assigned female parts and take female hormones.this is a very touchy subject but people should at least be respectful and not show their ignorance by calling her a DUDE. And it's not just being PC, it's being a kind and open minded human being.

easedel site profile image  

3/8/13 9:13 PM by easedel

Now good luck trying to find someone to fight him. Most likely going to have to put up a hefty purse for his opponent.lready had one fighter that lost to him come out and say she wasn't surprised, she thought he was on something from the get go.Now no state is going to deny him a license for the sheer fact of the blowback from the whatever community that deals with trans people.