Double KO in California Saturday night


Saturday night at the CAMMO-sanctioned Galaxy Fight Night IV at Champions Indoor Soccer Arena in Yuba City, California, the fourth fight on the card featured 175 pound fighters Brandon Alexander and hometown boy Aaron Britt.

It is common, even expected that early a fighter's career, the straight right hand is the go-to move.

Both fighters went for it, at the same time, and both were successful.

Sort of.

When neither was able to rise off the mat, the referee stopped the fight, and declared it a No Contest.


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studiocamp site profile image  

3/21/13 6:29 PM by studiocamp

LOL, if you have to get woken up you were out. Matt didn't know what had just happened and you could tell by the look on his face.

DamnSevern site profile image  

3/21/13 4:02 PM by DamnSevern

double flash nocaute   so close   this is crazy, all in one month

Condit's Face Broke My Hand site profile image  

3/19/13 1:08 PM by Condit's Face Broke My Hand

Holy crap that fight was crazy. That should have been a double ko lol

DamnSevern site profile image  

3/19/13 1:01 PM by DamnSevern

so close to another one last week

DamnSevern site profile image  

3/12/13 10:09 PM by DamnSevern


Phil Cornelius site profile image  

3/12/13 8:41 PM by Phil Cornelius

I like how one person with a blue name posts just one "." and get's ova 800 votes but now someone with a statement that has more substance get's like none.... Also can you ban/kick people just for being a douche? I didn't know we had 5th grade english teachers correcting online internet grammar like this was a class when it's a forum.Ok I'm done have a nice day/night everyone

DamnSevern site profile image  

3/12/13 12:29 PM by DamnSevern


ShriBorg site profile image  

3/12/13 9:58 AM by ShriBorg

From: bigbenpie Posted: 13 hours ago Member Since: 11/2/10Posts: 846 Ignore | Quote | Vote Down | Vote Up Thank god for the search function, I was gunna post this and woud of got flamed!!Thank God is right! I am positive that not one single UG member would even think of flaming you for your use of such excellent grammar skills.Would of - ???? - I am amazed at how often we see this absolutely asinine, 5th grade (at best) mistake. Unreal! It's I'd have been... or would have or would've at least....Now back to DamnSeverns , as always, excellent contributionsThose headbutts appeared to do quite the damage without a ton of velocity. I dare not imagine furious headbutts used by "the Hammer" back in the day...

SubbedZER0 site profile image  

3/11/13 7:59 PM by SubbedZER0

in for first ever wmma double KO

bigbenpie site profile image  

3/11/13 7:44 PM by bigbenpie

Thank god for the search function, I was gunna post this and woud of got flamed!!