St-Pierre: I don't care what Diaz is going to try to do

by John Morgan |

"This is the fight that everyone wants to see," St-Pierre said. "All the fans want to see it. It's a fight that he wants. It's a fight that I want, and I think it's going to make the best version of me come out for the fight."

So perhaps it's not quite the personal mission we've been led to believe. Diaz's rants seem to have struck a nerve with St-Pierre, but if that's the case, the champ isn't willing to acknowledge it. From his point of view, Diaz is simply the next guy in line.

"All fights are very, very important," St-Pierre said. "It's a very, very tough fight for me. But they're all very important.

"I believe everybody I fight has great things about them. They're the best in the world at what they do. I think the same thing here, but I don't care what Diaz is going to try to do to me. I care about I'm going to try to do to him. That's what's going to happen on March 16."

And just exactly what is he looking to do?

"The perfect scenario would be 'GSP' victory via flying armbar 10 seconds into the fight," St-Pierre said with a laugh. "That would be awesome."

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kyle223 site profile image  

3/12/13 3:04 PM by kyle223

Agree with all of your points. Why is it so hard for some people to realize Diaz's opponents, especially in Strikeforce, were nowhere near the level of GSP's opponents for the past six years? For every title fight, GSP's opponents were considered the top 2 or 3 p4p WW in the world. Diaz beat some good guys, but come on, this was a big step down in competition. Daley is a great striker, but he got dominated by Koscheck for three rounds. Granted, Koscheck didn't do anything besides wrestle, but still, Daley posed no threat to Koscheck that entire fight.I think it will be a good fight this weekend, but a lot of the Diaz fans will be let down. I predict GSP taking Diaz down at will, staying away from submission attempts, and laying down some good ground and pound. If the fight goes more than a couple rounds, that's when we'll really start to see Diaz mouthing off and trying to screw with GSP's head. I think GSP is far too smart for this and won't let it bother him. Expect to see Diaz lose this fight and tell Joe Rogan he's retiring (again).

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

3/12/13 2:38 PM by Affliction Blackbelt

[*herman munster* - Diaz was tooled by Condit.]True. I forgot about those vicious leg kicks.

Nonlinear site profile image  

3/12/13 2:34 PM by Nonlinear

Who needs head movement?

Unseen site profile image  

3/12/13 2:27 PM by Unseen

This. Lol, not understanding that footwork is 90% of boxing.

Phil999 site profile image  

3/12/13 2:22 PM by Phil999

Footwork probably being the most important thing.

Phil999 site profile image  

3/12/13 2:20 PM by Phil999

No matter what, you would have found something in that article to use to disparage GSP.

SickEyeDiaz site profile image  

3/12/13 2:16 PM by SickEyeDiaz

LMAO @ "Diaz isn't a good striker, he doesn't throw kicks."Shit for brains taken to new extremes

Nonlinear site profile image  

3/12/13 2:11 PM by Nonlinear

While Diaz was doing this: Loss 11–6 Sean Sherk Decision  UFC 59 April 15, 2006 3 5:00 Loss 11–5 Joe Riggs Decision  UFC 57 February 4, 2006 3 5:00 Loss 11–4 Diego Sanchez Decision  The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale November 5, 2005 3 5:00 GSP was doing this: Win 13-1 Matt Hughes TKO  UFC 65 November 18, 2006 2 1:25 Win 12-1 B.J. Penn Decision UFC 58 March 4, 2006 3 5:00 Win 11-1 Sean Sherk TKO UFC 56 November 19, 2005 2 2:53  

Brock Lobster site profile image  

3/12/13 2:02 PM by Brock Lobster

Man it would make my month hahah. Well Silva pretty much got away with it, don't think he got fined either.

Nick Diaz Number 1 Fan site profile image  

3/12/13 2:02 PM by Nick Diaz Number 1 Fan

Nonlinear you is trolling hard, son