Dr. Benjamin: Struve, Silva should retire

by Steph Daniels |

Steph Daniels: What are your thoughts on the series of punches Stefan Struve ate that not only dislodged a tooth, but fractured his jaw

Johnny Benjamin: When I saw it, I wasn't really surprised, because when I see a fighter get tired and start mouth breathing, trying to get as much air as possible into their lungs, I always think it's just a matter of time before they get their jaw broken. If you're not clenched down on that mouthpiece, you're very susceptible to what happened. We all know that Mark Hunt punches like a mule kicks, so it wasn't surprising at all, the outcome of that fight.

SD: How long would you personally recommend that Struve stay away from combat activity, considering the severity of his injuries?

JB: Many people think, and Stefan will probably think, 'The doctor said I'm good to go, so I'll get right back in the gym and go at it', but, even though we're great at healing bones, it's not so easy to heal the brain. How many times has he been knocked out? I know he's a young man, but he's been knocked out more than a few times.

At some point, someone really needs to ask the question, should he still be fighting? That many concussions, so quickly, and at this young age ... a person has two types of age, chronological and physiologic age. Stefan's license may say he's 25, but in physiologic years, he's much, much older than that, with all the concussive force that he's sustained.

SD: We just watched Wanderlei Silva go for broke in his fight with Brian Stann and sustain several blows that put him on the canvas, yet he came back for the victory. What are your thoughts there?

JB: Anybody who loves fighting, loves Wanderlei Silva. You just can't not like Wanderlei. It's impossible. Once again, if you like human beings, if you like people who can still remember where they put their car keys or the names of their kids, Then you should have hope that there's a life after fighting for Wandy, because he won't fight forever, and he won't live a long life if he continues doing what he's doing.

The types of concussive force that he's sustained can also lead to depression, which can make it a pretty difficult life in the future. I've been saying it for a few years now, Wandy, I love you, but please stop. Please retire.

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JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

3/14/13 12:30 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

My take on Benjamin?He is a douche. Read this: "Look at the blood just POURING out of his head!" Rogan still hasn't learned the word 'bleeding', folks.TweetDeck • 10/1/11 7:01 PM@DoctorOctagonMDYeah. The doctor nitpicks Rogan so hard that he went after him for saying pouring over bleeding like a smug cunt. Benjamin is a smug cunt and I really wish no blogger or writer for a site would give him the shine he desires.

HexRei site profile image  

3/13/13 11:35 PM by HexRei

^^^prophylactic treatment?

HexRei site profile image  

3/13/13 11:35 PM by HexRei

to prevent brain damage... hmm there's a joke in there somewhere

PirateJax site profile image  

3/13/13 11:31 PM by PirateJax

This is another great point. Hopefully in the future, medical technology will have advanced enough to give some kind of prophylactic treatment after fight of the nights to prevent long term brain damage.Right now I guess ultimately it boils down to a choice between living an awesome life and getting in "wars" in front of millions of people that will be remembered for generations, but facing serious problems after you retire vs. living a safe and comfortable, but perhaps also boring and forgettable, life. Unfortunately, I don't think many young fighters really sit down and weight the choice carefully. But it makes me happy that Garry Goodridge would do it all over again.

PirateJax site profile image  

3/13/13 11:24 PM by PirateJax

That is a valid point, but the last few KO's Chuck wasn't answering any standing 8, he was asleep. And I'm not sure getting KTFO once in a fight is really any safer than getting rocked multiple times. It is hard to weight the two options, it probably depends on a lot of variables which is better.

PirateJax site profile image  

3/13/13 11:16 PM by PirateJax

Good point. I agree. Too often we see fighters already "out" taking (sometimes many) more hard shots. It is entertaining in a barbaric sort of way, but unnecessary as far as the sport aspect of MMA. Is it really worth the slim chance they'll fight out of it for the win when you factor in the not-so-slim chance they suffered permanent brain damage?

Jambo888 site profile image  

3/13/13 10:22 PM by Jambo888

in a lot of ways, its the best and worst of sports. no athlete should risk the price that fighters do.

lars_schifinkter site profile image  

3/13/13 8:01 PM by lars_schifinkter

Really what are people expecting?

Uchi site profile image  

3/13/13 7:45 PM by Uchi

Not a fan, but hes not wrong here. That being said, hes a doctor who feels that people should stop receiving repetitive concussive blows to the head. Remove from 'news' and please file under 'common sense'.

Piyo site profile image  

3/13/13 7:32 PM by Piyo

Being KO'd absolutely entails a concussion.