MFC announces brother vs. brother MMA bout


The Maximum Fighting Championship is thrilled to announce that for the first time in the history of any major mixed martial arts promotion, two brothers will fight each other in a professional bout.

Thomas and Mike Treadwell, who are not only siblings but also live together, will battle in a heavyweight matchup on the undercard of MFC 37: True Grit taking place live at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, on Friday, May 10.

“Absolutely, undeniably, one of the craziest and most anticipated fights in MFC history,” said Mark Pavelich, Owner/President of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

“Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to watch two brothers fight? I remember from my own childhood, the most violent fights I was ever involved in myself were against my brother. We’d practically tear the house down because I was the younger brother out to prove myself against the older brother.

“I have a distinct feeling Treadwell vs. Treadwell will have that ‘Prove who’s really the toughest’ mentality and be a spectacularly wild fight.”

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universalflow site profile image  

3/13/13 5:27 PM by universalflow

Scumbag promoting at it's best!

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/13/13 10:14 AM by Jaybrone

What happens in a backyard  between brothers is one thing. Hell my brother and I used to beat the shit out of each other. But is a difference between that and a scumbag promting it to make money off it.

stevekt site profile image  

3/13/13 10:00 AM by stevekt


Jill Laz site profile image  

3/13/13 10:00 AM by Jill Laz

Wow I have 3 sons and they all wrestle (my younger son just went to the SC State Finals sorry I'm a proud Mama:) and there is noway they would fight or go against one another and especially corner one against another

Internettufguy site profile image  

3/13/13 9:43 AM by Internettufguy

bingo! first thing that came to mind for me as well.

The Gumball Kid site profile image  

3/13/13 9:39 AM by The Gumball Kid

The sequel rarely lives up to the original

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

3/13/13 9:32 AM by jaytrainwreck


FightToLive site profile image  

3/13/13 8:41 AM by FightToLive

Hey Mark? Jes i te poludejo? Shta te je pesda te materina?Dva brate? Das su tvoe nebe to napravio?Poor parents! Dumb Croatian Promoter!

DaleSonnen site profile image  

3/13/13 8:38 AM by DaleSonnen

not really sure if i should care too much about this. its the first fight for both these guys. SO, in other words, they both probably really suck. I hope they knock each other out at the same time... that way each of their second fights are against each other too... maybe they can make it a traveling show.. every week they fight each other and for a bonus the winner takes on grandpa in a arm wrestling match..