Freddie Roach: Shogun never taught to punch properly


Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is currently rehabing his knee in Orange County, Calif., and has trained three times so far with Freddie Roach. The famed boxing trainer told he is on a “special assignment” to help Rua prepare to fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 161 on June 15, 2013 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“I was studying a lot of tape on him to get an idea of how he fights,” said Roach.

“He didn’t know how to transfer his weight too well, and he wasn’t a very big puncher at first. Once we got him pivoting and punching off the right foot, keeping his boxing stance, he punched really, really hard when he did it correctly.

“I don’t think he was ever taught how to do it correctly.”

“[Shogun] has a little problem with his knee. I haven’t started working on his cardio yet, but he and my strength coach have gotten together … I think we have to take care of that first before we start getting into the cardio more.”

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Recent Comments »

Wet Fish site profile image  

3/14/13 11:54 AM by Wet Fish

Freddy roach - never been taught how to punch correctlyShogun fans - he knows how to punch correctly but had dodgy knee

GARRYD site profile image  

3/14/13 11:17 AM by GARRYD

Freddie is da man

Mufasatheking site profile image  

3/14/13 9:56 AM by Mufasatheking

Ive been saying for a while that Prime Shoguns striking was overrated. He beat rampage standing, but all his other KO's were when guys were on their backs and he stomped/kicked/GNP his way to a tko/KO. He also got completely outboxed by nog.

Flannerz site profile image  

3/14/13 9:00 AM by Flannerz

Calm down, it just seems like Roach is tweeking Shogun's striking a bit, not radically changing it.Is it me or does Roach's condition seem to have worsened?

MattyECB site profile image  

3/14/13 8:33 AM by MattyECB

And obvs Roach is joking and being harsh, the man trains with the most impressive boxers on the planet, he'd probably call most of the UFC stable out as having shit hands

MattyECB site profile image  

3/14/13 8:32 AM by MattyECB

No offense to the butthurt fans, and this is coming from a huge Shogun fan, but the Chute boxe boxing has always been shit. If you've ever boxed or taken more K1 style updated MT as opposed to old school MT, the head movement and hands are so much better and smoother. As incredibly powerful and technical as the rest of Shogun's arsenal was/is he always thew those godamn Chute Boxe looping haymakers which are atrocious If you need to telegraph that much and travel that much distance for your punch to have real strength, it's not a very good punch. And I've seen Shogun use effective jabs and textbook hooks/uppercuts in sparring, he just never fcking fights with them. Roach isn't a panacea, and iunno if Shogun will actually alter the way he fights, but this has great poential imo

stonepony site profile image  

3/14/13 12:37 AM by stonepony

If he's trying for a rematch against the champ, he better change something. Or he will be turtled and tapping from strikes again.Freddie teaching him to throw straighter punches could help improve his effective range. Sounds to me like that could be a good thing for him, especially against JBJ.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

3/13/13 5:28 PM by PrettyBoy

Yeah I'm serious lol.It's funny because the guy does know a little about MMA. I guess Shogun isn't as popular to mainstream people who didn't follow him in Pride.

leftcross619 site profile image  

3/13/13 5:08 PM by leftcross619

<blockquote>ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh - <blockquote>irishrottie - <p> As long as he is just going there to sharpen his hands and not letting these guys mess with his game too much it will be a good thing. Some guys in the past have let these boxing coaches fuck with their stance and try make them boxers. Its still mma.</p></blockquote><br /><p> Agreed, but Shogun has been doing Muay Thai since he was a kid, it'd take a long time and a lot of work to get him to abandon his MT stance.</p></blockquote><br /> if hes gonna work on his boxing, it only makes sense to learn a proper boxing stance. just like if he were to work on wrestling. or a wrestler want to learn muay thai<br /><br />if shogun feels that adjusting his stance to fight someone like lil nog.... who never kicks thats his choice. its the same thing if a boxer were to lower his stance if hes fighting someone thats gonna be shooting the whole time

ajl416az site profile image  

3/13/13 2:28 PM by ajl416az

uh, if he can't plant enough to throw a real punch then he wouldn't be able to do anything like wrestling or throwing multiple kicks.honestly i think the biggest part is that Shogun is a Thai boxer that likes to kick, and most kickers are too used to throwing setup punches to get your hands up, and they stand too square