GSP coach: Don't get wound up in the words


"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth."
Mike Tyson

In a discipline where earning a black belt is a high, high achievement, New Zealand John Danaher is a genius. Danaher will be in UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre's corner on Saturday, and he likes his charge's chances vs. challenger Nick Diaz.

Fans have driven the odds to nearly 5-1 in GSP's favor, based on the feeling that the Canadian's wrestling stylistically measures up well against Diaz's boxing and aggressive guard.

However, Danaher recently appeared on The MMA Hour, and says it is more complex than that.

"You can’t just put out these simplistic blanket statements that Diaz is better at jiu-jitsu, Diaz is better at boxing," said Danaher. "There's aspects within those games where one of them is superior than the other. And the one that will be successful is the one who can manage to keep the fight for as long as possible in those niche areas where they feel they have superiority."

"Nick seemed to think he was wronged more than anyone. I would say it went in the other direction. Secondly, you must remember, these are professional athletes. You can talk about emotions, you can talk about words, but ultimately, it’s a physical fight. Once the first punch gets thrown, all those words, all those emotions, they go right out the window. It comes down to the technique and preparation of the athletes involved in who prevails. Don’t get wound up in words and emotion. Both of these guys are highly experienced professional athletes, and ultimately what determines the winner is physical preparation, skill set and knowledge. It's not about emotion. Emotions don't win fights. Techniques do."

"We tend to remember different characters rather than characters who are all the same as us. As I said, I think there are many things about Nick Diaz that are laudable and good. I admire his dedication. I admire his work ethic. I think he trains very, very hard. So, you can't say Nick Diaz is all bad for the sport. You can't say he's all good for the sport. He's a polarizing figure. He's very good in some ways, and not so good in others."

In addition to discussing Saturday's fight with Diaz, Danaher also talked the potential superfight with Anderson Silva.

"You can never say of anyone fighting Anderson Silva that Anderson doesn’t have a very good chance," said Danaher. "Anderson is a tremendously gifted mixed martial arts athlete with genuine knockout power in all four limbs. That's something you don't see very often, but I do believe that if Georges did fight him, he'd have an excellent chance at victory. It would be more dangerous in Georges' case because of the considerable size difference, but yes, I do believe Georges would have an excellent chance for victory even against someone as formidable and gifted as Anderson Silva."

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Recent Comments »

Overseer got owned by BCE site profile image  

3/13/13 3:06 PM by Overseer got owned by BCE

Emotions don't win fights? Tell that to everyone that's ever turned Super Saiyan, guy.

Johnny D site profile image  

3/13/13 2:12 PM by Johnny D

I don't think GSP's striking is on the same planet as Silva's, after Saturday night you'll understand, not saying Diaz will win, just saying GSP won't want to test the striking game of Diaz let alone Silva. GSP will do what he's always done, nullify the striker by putting him on his back, or nullify the grappler by keeping it standing. The safest route for GSP with Diaz will be on the ground with Diaz on his back and GSP always takes the safest route. With Silva there is no safe route.

torquemada site profile image  

3/13/13 1:25 PM by torquemada

Anyone else read that in Danaher's voice?Huge respect for that guy.

MattyECB site profile image  

3/13/13 1:13 PM by MattyECB

So you really think GSP's striking would match up worse against AS than Sonnen's?I think the simple fact that GSP doesn't rely on that retarded haymaker to far-out double-leg like all those Team Quest standouts warrants a prediction at least past the first round lol

Johnny D site profile image  

3/13/13 1:11 PM by Johnny D

I've hashed it out to many times too, but I'll say this, no way GSP stands with Silva. And even if he does get him down no way he subs him. GSP will be standing plenty long enough to get tagged easily.

MattyECB site profile image  

3/13/13 1:07 PM by MattyECB

Well, and I guess I'm being a faggot to write that much and say I'm not comparing lol But for me, it's the transitional game that I think GSP can really pressure AS with. He won't stay within range long and has an insanely technical jab, from a textbook standpoint it's better than AS', and when you watch the first Sonnen fight, ignoring the fact AS had a rib injury, it's never the power doubles that get Sonnen on top of AS, it was only the TDs that began with successful striking that really floored AS.AS would be in better shape against GSP, but I also think GSP's striking from a fundamentals standpoint, and really you only need fundamentals if the sole purpose is opening windows for your TDs, is so far ahead of Sonnen's it's silly. Not to mention the speed at which GSP drops levels after opening with a sidestepping jab or a simple 1,2/1,2 leg kick. And if GSP gets position like Sonnen did, you can bet your ass he'll have uglier GnP than Sonnen. You mention how Condit fed GSP that head kick, but I can't believe how long Sonnen had positional dominance over AS, and that he chose to stick with weakass double slaps on AS' ears and bitch slaps back and forth...But either way, I love both fighters and hope this fight happens. If it does I'd definitely place a small bet on GSP, since I think his betting line would be severely under-estimated

MattyECB site profile image  

3/13/13 1:00 PM by MattyECB

^^ I meant, *after losing the first round...But to be fair, I'd probably handicap it for Silva, I just think Georges would have a near 50% chance imo... Just to long and boring to go into details about his transition or double-leg/clinch tendencies

MattyECB site profile image  

3/13/13 12:59 PM by MattyECB

I was just making a joke because you said a hot samurai instead of a hot blade lol I definitely think GSP would win, but I've argued that shit too many times to get into a stylistic argument lol And MMAth always fails... Not that you can't draw parallels, but doing the same technique, I could pick a bunch of weaker moments in MMA fights that AS had and do a similar approach. e.g. AS wouldn't be allowed to shorts and cage grab against GSP like he did in the second round of Sonnen II after losing the first match, that GSP wouldn't be a retard and try a spinning backfist, leaving himself vulnerable only to back up against the cage helpless...Or that GSP would never be subbed in the same way Sonnen did after getting so close to victory....Or I could be a dick and go further back to the Hendo fight, saying after winning rounds via smothering, GSP would never abandon his gameplan and try trading haymakers with AS, completely ignoring his wrestling and not even trying to engage the clinch or double. Hell, I could even go back to the Fulton fight and say, GSP would never waste the mount opportunity and be stupid enough to eat an upkick, and that was with an injured Fulton

MattyECB site profile image  

3/13/13 12:53 PM by MattyECB

Mais honnetement, je ne peux pas croire que GSP ne comprenait pas l'insulte Mother Fucker. Meme les quebecois seperatistes comprendent les insultes anglaise parceque leur langue est plus ou moins un melange de la langue francaise ancienne et l'argo anglais.Definitely Danaher being silly and trying to play down GSP getting a little frisky in the conference lol Which makes me think he may actually be a little pissed, pretty unheard of w/ Mr. Roboto, but it'd be sick if we do actually get to see him fight w/ a chip on his shoulder

Johnny D site profile image  

3/13/13 12:47 PM by Johnny D

I disagree, Condit dropped GSP, had his face looking like someone beat it with an ugly stick, others had no problem landing on George either. The laser like striking of Silva takes GSP out in less than 1 round. If Sonnen couldn't pressure him a second time around GSP doesn't stand a chance.