Hunt & Wren to co-author book


Today on Twitter, former UFC Fighter Justin Wren announced that he would be co-authoring a book with MMA writer and NYT Best Selling Author Loretta Hunt:

Wren has been chronicles his travels to the Eastern Congo to work with the indigenous Pygmy tribe, which he has been helping to teach them sustainable ways to crop food and gather water, and also working to free people who are enslaved. Wren has been on a world wide tour, recently being featured on and CNN.

Hunt is best known for NY Times Best Selling book she ghost wrote for MMA legend Randy Couture. Hunt has been a staple in the MMA media community for the past decade or more, recently applying her trade with Sports Illustrated.


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3/14/13 5:51 PM by Jive Turkey

I'm not dumb enough to pay to post on a web forumJive Turkey

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3/14/13 5:48 PM by CindyO

Ponying up for a blue name cane save you the hassle of having to see my posts;)   Cindy

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3/14/13 12:38 PM by Jive Turkey

Will every fucking page have Cindywritten on the bottom of it?

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3/14/13 3:11 AM by Clarence Parents

Should be an interesting read!

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3/14/13 2:44 AM by HexRei

In six weeks I think reports will be that Cindy is co-ghostwriting the book with Frankenzo Whittita

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3/14/13 2:42 AM by Scott the Prince

Lol. We should be thankful apparently that you deleted your paragraph and decided to be only a little bitchy instead of full blown teen girl hating bitch. Got it. Lol.Ok I'm off this thread before we douche up this thing even more. Goodnight!

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3/14/13 2:30 AM by CindyO

LMFAO@ this shit! Tru says something funny and I thought it was funny... I even erased the paragraph I was going to post because I didn't want to be hard on her because I like Justin so the fact that my response was so short should have made you happy. And just so you know, I loved her Randy book as it gave me hours of enjoyment reading how well she got the guy to ho himself out like that and she showed the world who Captain America really is:) See there? You should have just left it alone:)   Cindy

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3/14/13 2:11 AM by Scott the Prince

1. Aaron, Loretta is so far ahead if you its not even funny. YOU in fact ARE TMZ compared to Loretta. You really are an unfortunate side effect of rising popularity. 2. Big surprise Cindy gets catty on a thread about good because Loretta is in it. Just make a comment about Kim Couture and Tito too so you don't blow your M.I.A...That said I love you and you love me hahaha so don't get all crazy now! :-) But tru can go fuck him self haa

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3/14/13 2:11 AM by Scott the Prince

M.o.Stupid auto correct!

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3/14/13 1:30 AM by CindyO

LMFAO!!!   Cindy