Hendricks: GSP can't hide forever

by Mike Chiappetta |

"I gotta get past Carlos Condit," Hendricks said at Wednesday's UFC 158 open workouts. "Once I do, it's GSP time. If I beat Carlos Condit, nobody's in my way. GSP can't hide forever. I think after this one, if I beat Carlos Condit, it's GSP."

Asked if he really thought St-Pierre was hiding, Hendricks said "it seems like it," pointing out that GSP could have taken the Diaz fight after first facing him. Since the matchup was personal rather than merit-based, there was no expiration date on making it happen.

What he doesn't like is St-Pierre suggesting Hendricks isn't worthy of fighting for the belt because the champ believed Koscheck should have been awarded the decision against him. Hendricks pointed out that St-Pierre is on the record as saying he thought Condit out-pointed Diaz, and yet he was not just willing to take that fight; he demanded it.

"I want to look across the octagon and say, 'You have not faced anybody like me,'" Hendricks said. "That's what his little quote is: 'you've never faced anybody like me.' Bulls---. You've never faced anybody like me. That's why he didn't take the fight."

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Matrixkick site profile image  

3/14/13 10:13 AM by Matrixkick


Smellde Gluve site profile image  

3/14/13 9:06 AM by Smellde Gluve

If GSP is hiding I know where to find him.

fightharder site profile image  

3/14/13 9:02 AM by fightharder

I love Hendricks as a fighter and he seems like a cool dude as well but the constant crowing really is a little unbecoming. Unfortunately,because of fighters like Diaz,others now think the need to sink to depths to ''sell'' a fight. Makes me appreciate Carlos Condit and his whole approach to the GSP fight more then before.

Johnny D site profile image  

3/14/13 8:39 AM by Johnny D

Hendricks could fart and knock someone out, I think he will wear the belt, if he takes out Condit as fast as the others it won't be good for Saturday nights champ.

Matrixkick site profile image  

3/14/13 1:28 AM by Matrixkick

I don't get this. Chris has been way less vocal. And he's never said Andy's scared.

chrisbaker site profile image  

3/14/13 1:21 AM by chrisbaker

I dont know why but hendricks and weidman remind me of each other, kinda.

stonepony site profile image  

3/14/13 12:59 AM by stonepony

I doubt there are many fighters in the UFC who are capable of being genuinely afraid of another human being. I doubt Georges is scared...It could be a calculated strategic choice to push for the Diaz fight first. Because Johnny does have that one-punch that Nick doesn't. Watching each of their last couple fights, I would pick Nick first too. Big money fight, and a safer fight.He's probably not scared though.

Anderson Emelianenko GOAT site profile image  

3/14/13 12:39 AM by Anderson Emelianenko GOAT

I also got frozen for calling HELWIG an idiot about 2 months ago, it was considered fighter bashing since he has a green name. I obviously got under a certain mods' skin

BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat site profile image  

3/14/13 12:35 AM by BJ bashed into McDs mincemeat

He's cursed himself by looking past condit who will crush him

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

3/14/13 12:34 AM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day.