Diaz blames UFC's travel scheduling for missing open workout

by Chris Palmquist |

Yesterday the media was suprised to see that Nick Diaz missed the open workout, an event in which the media watches the athletes do a small workout, and gives them time to do interviews, etc. Diaz has had prior problems with media obligations, but is reported to be more reliable after a talk with UFC President Dana White.

Diaz missed yesterday's open work out, but put the blame on the UFC, which is responsible for booking his travel, and had him land at midnight on Tuesday:

Would of been happy to show for the fans but UFC got me here at 12 last night Gorge lives here!

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mmabmt site profile image  

3/16/13 1:47 AM by mmabmt

A guy that fights at about 12 or 1230 at night is not going to bed at 1 am, not too mention the fact that it is still only 9pm his time at midnight and the open workouts were at 9am his time.Probably not getting to sleep until about 3 am Montreal time at least, especially after the travel

stonepony site profile image  

3/16/13 12:42 AM by stonepony

I don't think professional is the right word. He's a great fighter, but he's hardly professional. A professional would answer their phone and explain the situation.

Nick Diaz Number 1 Fan site profile image  

3/14/13 8:26 PM by Nick Diaz Number 1 Fan


BshMstr site profile image  

3/14/13 6:17 PM by BshMstr

well, the guy still has to cut weight, and flying is known to mess with people's hydration levels. i'm not making excuses, but if he simply couldn't have come in earlier, then i get why he got some sleep...i think in reality, Uncle Dana asked him to skip the workout to play up the whole bad boy thing, and build the hype.as far as neing a martial artist, well, i'm torn on the use of that term. if i was in a SHTF scenario, i would want Nick on my side, plain and simple. he's a tough cat who doesn't need much...

blacksamurai site profile image  

3/14/13 5:16 PM by blacksamurai

You think Nick will get beat as bad as Koscheck?

blacksamurai site profile image  

3/14/13 5:15 PM by blacksamurai

You're right you should use Martial Artist loosely when talking aboutanybody as the guy considered the greatestMartial artist (Bruce Lee) was a known opium addict... Wow the guy that bit another guy in a fight and date raped a chick is disciplined just wow smdh... I should be impressed with Mike Tyson's road work? Iron Mike's road work is Nick's leisurely jog...

KingofBJJ site profile image  

3/14/13 4:24 PM by KingofBJJ

I can't wait to hear him explain why he got a serious beat down.Who's fault will it be because he got his ass kicked?

KingofBJJ site profile image  

3/14/13 4:16 PM by KingofBJJ

Everyone's favorite Martial Artist. I use the term Martial Artist in the loosest term, because there is nothing disciplined or humble about this kid.As is his nature: he blames everyone but himself. Knowing way ahead of time what time his plane gets in. He therefore knows he can sleep on the plane.Regardless of that he gets in at 12am and probably to the hotel around 1am. So by 1:30am he should be in bed sound asleep.What time was the open workout? 12 noon? He had more than 8 hours to sleep. That more than most of us usually get who actually have to get up and go to work every morning.Jeesh! Mike Tyson used to get up at 4:00am and run, because he knew the other guy wasn't.That's discipline. That's champion material.

sitchpack site profile image  

3/14/13 4:14 PM by sitchpack

Then he shouldnt feel bad about and seek medical assistance to help manage the adhd. Help is there for you bro.

Bartholomew P Skibbenheims III site profile image  

3/14/13 3:38 PM by Bartholomew P Skibbenheims III

I think the reason he is mad is because he is having a hard time focusing long enough to read through what you wrote.