Joe Lauzon vs. Graston


In his fight of the night against Jim Miller, Joe Lauzon suffered a deep cut in his forehead. The cut caused the fight to be a bloody mess, but one of the most memorable fights in the UFC in 2012.

Lauzon lost a decision to Miller, but impressed the UFC brass and fans a like, battling through the blood to make it a very competitive fight.

Like most deep cuts, stitches were required. What most people don't realize that although healing on the surface is quick, internal healing can be long and there is a serious potential for these type of cuts to re-open if they are not cared for properly or an athlete returns to action too soon.

Joe Lauzon, ever the smart and evolving athlete, has taken his recovery from scar tissue seriously. Lauzon is employing a fairly new method called Graston, which uses a dull metal tool to scrape the surface of the skin and break up underlying scar tissue. The process itself doesn't seem to fun, as shown in the video below Lauzon released documenting the process:

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Recent Comments »

BlueNamer site profile image  

3/16/13 6:09 PM by BlueNamer

god DAMN! that seriously looks like torture.whatever gets you back in the cage at 100(ish)% joe! that's some dedication. big fan.

Attila site profile image  

3/16/13 5:21 PM by Attila

I know it's more manly to fight off the pain, but otherwise why not get a local anesthetic?

UGCTT croy_00 site profile image  

3/15/13 5:00 PM by UGCTT croy_00

Well damn, hope it works for you. Would be nice though to see you score a few first round knockouts and stop taking so much damage haha.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

3/15/13 4:33 PM by BUFFGEO

Graston is not that new, ive been having it done for at least the last 5-6 years. It is absolutely 100% legit.It took me from basically being completely cripple with low back pain to being fully functional. (My problem was not disc related, it wouldnt help that) Its also always a part of recovering injuries as well as cold laser and electric stim.Ive personally used graston to help heal pain from arthritic build up in my hands/wrists, speed recovery of my torn LCL, as well as Hip and elbow injuries.I like it so much that my wife and I actually bought a small set of the Graston Tools and took a class on how to do it to ourselves... which is difficult because YES it fucking hurts sometimes! Oh and like someone asked early in this thread, You often see instant results right off the table

meco24 site profile image  

3/15/13 3:02 PM by meco24

looks like fun

shamu site profile image  

3/15/13 2:40 PM by shamu

I was VERY skeptical before having Graston done on an injured muscle in my mid-back (between spine and shoulder blade), but tried it because nothing else was working (chiro, heat, stretching etc). It was a nagging injury that flared up at unpredictable times. I had two treatments, and it's been gone for nearly three months. I'm sure it's not right for every situation, but I swear by my results. In my scenario the technique definitely hurt, but pain was gone as soon as it was over. I also had a massive bruise on my back that looked like Lesnar put his lunchbox fist through my body.

Joe Lauzon site profile image  

3/15/13 1:54 PM by Joe Lauzon

I think Graston is great for older scar tissue too. Definitely look into it... But be warned, it hurts like hell.

jmb73 site profile image  

3/15/13 1:23 PM by jmb73

Fuck that looks painful! I received a huge gash on my forehead last October. I didn't use any tools but I kept pressing on it and a lot of scar tissue went away. But I still have a little bit around the cut. Anyone know if it would be too late to get this done?

Joe Lauzon site profile image  

3/15/13 1:04 PM by Joe Lauzon

Definitely worse.

goocher site profile image  

3/15/13 12:12 PM by goocher

Is the graston worse than getting in an all out brawl in the cage?