Nick Diaz accuses GSP of being on 'plenty of steroids'


Nick Diaz appeared on Sportsnet Fan 590 radio's "Tim and Sid" and made a startling, and entirely unsubstantiated charge against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Diaz earlier defended himself against accusation that he was not "playing the game" as far as media responsibilities.

"They do everything they can, in their power, to create these problems for me," said Diaz. "I'm not crazy, I'm not delusional, I'm not playing the victim card."

Then, at the 12:42 mark, Diaz was asked about references he made at the pre-fight press conference to "big guys on steroids holding me down." With little prodding, Diaz went after his opponent Saturday night.

"I believe that he's on plenty of steroids," said Diaz. "And I don't think they test around here either and I doubt I'll be tested here as well. I don't care what they're saying or marketing to the media, I don't think either of us are going to be tested and if so, he's probably got a bottle of piss in his pocket. I doubt they're standing over him making sure he's not on steroids."

The interviewers pounced, working UFC president Dana White's name into a leading question; the media unsavvy Diaz bit.

"So you're suggesting that the face of the franchise is on steroids" Diaz was asked. "And that Dana White would be complicit with that?"

"Sure, why not" replied Diaz. "Lance Armstrong is on steroids. And it was really a ridiculous thing that he was on steroids. You know... that as far as he was concerned."

The interviewers then pressed the issue.

"Nick, this is strong stuff," Diaz was asked. "Can you guarantee me you will be clean after the fight?  These are strong allegations man."

Diaz' reply was vintage Nick Diaz.

"Hell no I'm not guaranteeing anything," he said. "I think I tested, like, for metabolites or a nanogram or something, so I just did a little more than I did last time. I'm sorry if I don't pass the test, but I think it should work out. I've passed plenty of them before. Unless they just weren't testing me? I wonder how much they test people around here?"

Athletic Commissions routinely test several fighters on any card, and as a rule always test both the champion and the challenger. GSP has fought in eleven straight title bouts, and has never tested positive for anything.


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time traveling 12er site profile image  

3/16/13 4:20 AM by time traveling 12er

No way.   Nick Diaz:  Stockton muh fugger!  What!  Bitch ass people being all fake and shit.  I grew up with guns to my face bitch.  You don't know man. Mother fuckers think... oh hey is that free range chicken?  I only eat free range chicken.

Anderson's BBC in my Goku site profile image  

3/16/13 4:00 AM by Anderson's BBC in my Goku

I think u guys do not understand how ridiculously strong Gsp is....

Amashinga site profile image  

3/16/13 1:20 AM by Amashinga

13's gonna 13

DatSpider site profile image  

3/15/13 9:29 PM by DatSpider

BJ Penn, Koscheck, and now I guess it is a natural instinct to blame everyone but yourself when beaten.Diaz has yet to fight GSP, but the same fate will, probably, meet him thus he's already making sure the excuses are ready, if the likely does occur Saturday Night.Everyone is out to get Diaz which is why he is so fun to follow.They have all made similar accusations against St. Pierre in the past, that he's on the juice and the prove was his physique - especially Georges' gut which is suppose to be a negative side effect of juicing. However the man trains constantly(workaholic),never got popped before, and he made it clear he never cheated in his life, even challenged Nick at the press conference when the latter brought up said subject. GSP is always talking about the spirit of martial arts, respect for his opponent,the right way to live, taking care of your body, character, etc., it makes no sense for him, whatsoever, to jeopardize all that by being exposed as a fraud. Not to mention his massive brand, sponsors and legacy. I don't buy it.Plus, as someone else said, I believe you're innocent untill proven guilty, unless, of course, you look like Cyborg or have somehow transformed yourself from a skinny kid to a comic book character with an appetite for Horse.

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

3/15/13 8:59 PM by Chaelismyhero

Are you saying somebody cant be ripped at 192 pounds? You can be ripped at any weight.

BLPorritt site profile image  

3/15/13 8:55 PM by BLPorritt


Chulio site profile image  

3/15/13 8:51 PM by Chulio

This is hilarious. The comment about the drive thru is a statement about Nick's state of life/mind and all his boyz point out he does not eat fast food, they missed the jokeI try so hard to like Nick because so many people I know say he is a good guy but he has some serious issues.He is looked up to cause he is so street. Cool but MMA is not a street fight it is a professional sport with rules and responsibilities.

KneeUpperCut Ios site profile image  

3/15/13 8:42 PM by KneeUpperCut Ios

Read the conversation you quoted.

redplayer50 site profile image  

3/15/13 8:37 PM by redplayer50

people are saying nick has social anxiety so much that even he is starting to believe that nonsensemaybe he just doesnt like pressers and likes smoking weedwhen theres a hard diagnosis for it get back to me

Matt Perry site profile image  

3/15/13 8:31 PM by Matt Perry