Diaz's camp: Something 'shady' with GSP's hand wraps


Prior to the bout between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, fellow UFC fighter and second for Diaz, Jake Shields questioned whether or not there was something fishy going on with GSP's hand wraps. As a representative of his camp, Shields has the right to inspect the hand wraps of his teammates opponent, and in doing so, suggest something might have been up:

From: Jake Shields
Posted: 3.17.13 12:00 AM
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 1552

I just checked GSP's gloves and the wrap looked shady...now commission won't let me back. Been trying to for the past 30 minutes.... Not saying he's cheating but wtf?!

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Shortly after posting the above thread on the Underground, Jake Shields was spotted cage side bringing the matter to the attention of the UFC President Dana White. White and Shields spoke, then Shields returned to the back room accompanied by UFC legal counsel Michael Mersch. No other information is currently available, but it would seem as the fight took place, any dispute was resolved.

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5 days ago by BirdWatcher


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5 days ago by playing Herb Deans game

I wish I could vote you up right now fren

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5 days ago by MagSlim

This is the best thread eva.

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5 days ago by NatualBornTickler

Didn't Mr Shields also post something on another social media device when this happened, although mentaL could just be that good

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5 days ago by Galanis

So  I was just wondering all this time later... Was this really "Jake Shields" posting? I ask because MentaL was the first reply

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5 days ago by ISuckDosBalls

Seems shady...

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2/13/14 8:31 AM by mrblonde1281

Reeeeaallllyyy? Me tooooo. My clue is pointing this way!

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2/10/14 3:48 PM by Bbr


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2/10/14 3:02 PM by House Boru

"not saying hes a fucking slimeball cheater but wtf?" -Shields

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2/10/14 2:31 PM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Mental got in quick....seems shady..


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