Nick Diaz dominates post-fight press conference


The UFC 158 pre-fight press conference was dominated by Nick Diaz. And despite losing a five-round decision to still champion Georges St-Pierre, Diaz dominated the post-fight press conference. Further, Diaz was 40 minutes late, having told UFC president Dana White that he was not going attend at all.

Diaz announced his retirement, again, then unretired, sort of, called for a rematch with GSP, said he wanted to fight Anderson Silva. questioned how well his camp prepared him, and said he had never paid taxes in his life.

Diaz on GSP - 'Hits like a woman'

"I'm not hurt. Getting hit, you know, he hits like a woman. He has his full on range to separate and punch me, but he hits like a girl because he's too scared to let go to get a real punch in."

"Five rounds woke me up, I'm ready to fight."

Diaz on Retirement - It's complicated

"I'm trying to retire," said Diaz. "I'm trying to get out of this gig, but I would love a rematch. I think I could beat you. I really do, I think I could beat him. I think I could stop the takedowns for the first two rounds and get to fight my whole fight and I think I could beat you."

"You can say, I don't want to retire if I get a rematch, but, if I don't get a rematch, who am I going to fight? I'm not going to fight any of these guys out there. They came in after me... Everyone who started from my generation, all these new kids, I don't want to get in there and jump around with these new kids."

"I don't think Georges wants to fight Anderson Silva, I don't really think he does. So, if they don't, if they're going to make that Johny Hendricks thing, which, whatever happens there, I'd like to take the rematch."

"I just feel like I fought everybody that I set out to fight. Johny (Hendricks) here, he's a new guy. Jake (Ellenberger)'s been around for a little while. But I just feel like I've taken care of everything I wanted to do in the sport. This is hard stuff. I don't ever get any time off. I've only had a year off one time, and it was a stressful year. I was pretty bent out of shape that I didn't win that fight (vs. Condit). Nobody ever assured me, 'They're going to give you that (St-Pierre) fight.' I was just sitting around depressed the whole year off. I can sit here and make a million excuses about why I wasn't ready for the fight. But I want a rematch. I think I could beat you. I think I may be a better matchup for Anderson Silva, I really do, for what it's... But we'll see what happens."

Diaz on Team Cesar Gracie - My team right or wrong

"I didn't have a good first round or a good performance tonight. I think maybe next time if I did get an extra shot, I think people would try to help me out a little bit."

"As soon as I had it coming, nobody was around to help me. The only ones that came to help me was my Sambo coach Gil Castillo, Jake (Shields) and Gil (Melendez) They can't train hard right now - they've got fights coming up. They've got stuff going on, and they need have their down time when they have down time. I can't go roughing those guys up just cause I need training."

"I could have had a better training camp. I don't want to sit here and make excuses all day, but nobody had faith in me to win this fight. And I think I could have stopped the takedowns, I think I could have gotten the takedowns, come to think of it. I was just really flat."

"I slept all the way until 8 at night. And this Canada thing, you know, I knew it was going to be something to deal with, but, I don't know, the sleep that I was getting, was it going to work with me or work against me? I'm awake now, I'm ready to fight. Come the third or fourth round I felt real good, fifth round I was a bit worn out, but, the first two rounds, you know, I think I was just, I was moving real slow. I was hoping for a knockout. To be honest, I'd like a rematch."

"I can't be jumping teams. I just have to invest a little bit more, now that I have a little bit more money."

Diaz on taxes - I don't pay those

"You know what? I've never paid taxes in my life, I'm probably going to go to jail. And no one wants to hear that kind of talk and what's going on with me. I might as well just be a kid. I've had fight after fight after fight after fight, and you don't know what that does to somebody who didn't graduate high school.

"Everybody has to... nobody has to do s---. but take it into consideration for a second what three fights a year will do to you your whole life. And the only time you have some time off, it's not like it's a vacation, everybody's telling you you're this piece of s---, you're suspended, you ain't fighting this guy, you ain't fighting that guy, you have to come back and dance around a bunch of hard hitting people. It's a rough sport."

UFC president Dana White had plenty to say about the points Diaz made in his 10 minute talk.

Dana on Diaz rematch with GSP

"He wouldn't get a rematch off that fight," said White. "Johny Hendricks deserves the next shot."

Dana on Diaz tax situation

"What's sad is, he better go pay his taxes," said White. "He came out publicly tonight and said he's never paid taxes in his life? Holy s---. That's sad. You wanna talk about sad? That's sad. Somebody better handle that with this check and make sure that kid doesn't end up with nothing. There's a guy who's Nate and Nick's lawyer and seems like a decent guy looking out for them. I'll probably give this guy a call and tell him, 'Nick said he's never paid taxes in his life, and you probably want to start working on that f---ing Sunday morning, not Monday morning.'"

"I would rather have f---ing ninjas after me than the IRS. I'd rather have the mob after me than the IRS. They don't play."

"If you saw his paycheck tonight, you wouldn't feel too bad for him. At the end of the day, Nick has been in the sport forever. He wanted a shot at the title, he got a shot at the title, and he got paid a lot of money for it."

Dana on Diaz retirement talk

"Do I think Nick Diaz should retire? No," said White. "But that's not my decision. When a guy starts talking about retirement in this sport, this isn't baseball or basketball, not to diminish those sports, but if you head isn't 100 percent in this game, it's a completely different story. I don't ever question a guy when he talks about retirement. I don't care how good he is. If Georges St-Pierre called me up tomorrow and said I want to retire, I wouldn't go, 'Georges, come on – think about this.' That's their decision and I don't ever question that."

"We'll see what happens from here on out. It's not like I don't know what to expect being in business with Nick Diaz."

The Nick Diaz business may have it's twists and turns, but the long, strange trip is perhaps the most vital, compelling, and real in a sport that is as real as it gets.

(41:45 mark)


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fapout site profile image  

3/20/13 10:53 AM by fapout

If it were Pride rules, GSP would have kicked a field goal with NIcks head.

rudj site profile image  

3/20/13 3:02 AM by rudj

I love how Nick never completes a sentence.Punctuation is overrated!

regrettable site profile image  

3/19/13 12:37 AM by regrettable

Diaz is right about the wrestling thing. Condit would have won that fight against Hendricks if not for the takedowns. Both of them admitted this at the presser.The problem with wrestling is that it is not scored equally. All a guy has to do in an even fight is get a couple takedowns and he wins.

56sav site profile image  

3/18/13 9:33 PM by 56sav

"Pride had it right"Truer words have never been spoken.

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/18/13 1:19 PM by Jaybrone


Jaybrone site profile image  

3/18/13 12:22 PM by Jaybrone

Even with Pride rules it wouldn't necessarily been any more exciting. Nick would have been more content to stay in his guard with no elbows in  Pride rules. GSP would have been looking to pass like he was and it would have led to scrambling and control from GSP like the entire fight was. It would not have ever been stood up for inactivity and nor would most GSP fights. If you believe that you are retarded or need t watch more Pride fights where wrestlers like Arona and Coleman where dominating on the ground.

soupie485 site profile image  

3/18/13 11:12 AM by soupie485

The guy who just had his ass handed to him for 5 rounds and has lost his past 2 fights thinks they should change all the rules. Also, why is nobody talking about this bum throwing a punch after round 1 and 3, if that was any other fighter people would be freaking out. Not a GSP fanboy, I just really can't stand Cesar Gracie fighters.

TEX4N site profile image  

3/18/13 11:03 AM by TEX4N


Fugazi site profile image  

3/18/13 10:34 AM by Fugazi

This. Which really was the point of this thread. That and the fact that Diaz voiced what many of us feel, that PrideFC had a better set of rules....period.