Fallon Fox: I shouldn't have to disclose my former sex


Transgendered female fighter Fallon Fox recently appeared on AXS TV's "Inside MMA" and made some controversial statements.

"I don't believe a transgender fighter should have to disclose her personal medical history to other female fighters before they fight," said Fox. "It's simply for the reason the medical community and the scientific community have come to the consensus that post-operative transsexual fighters who have been on hormone-replacement therapy and testosterone suppression, when they're going from male to female, haven't been found to have any physiological advantages over other women.

"So why should we have to disclose our personal medical history?"

"Some fighters have already said they would not want to fight me. I think that's because they're scared, No. 1, because I'm pretty good. Or they might just have a bias or they might just be a hate-filled person who doesn't want to touch me or whatever. But I don't want to fight those people anyway because they're scared, so what kind of fight would that be?" 


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ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

3/21/13 3:11 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Voted UP for science, research, and rational thinking. You have the same stance as I do.  You beat me to it.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

3/21/13 3:00 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Voted Up.  Great post.   I am as tolerant a person as you will ever meet.  Tons of close friends and family that are in the GLBT community. However, until there is (far) more research and conclusive scientific evidence on both sides of the debate, we (the relatively uneducated masses) are simply posting based upon emotion and our limited life experience.  I actually hope that the scientific evidence/research leads to the conclusion that Fox Fallon (or other transgenderds) is not a "threat" to the physical safety and well-being of the born-female fighters.  That she does not have any physiological advantage by being born male.  However, my "opinion and position" on this issue is NOT backed up by medical/scientific evidence.  I don't know enough about the physiological differences post gender-reassignment to form an honestly educated and informed stance.  Apparently no one else does either, not to a reasonable conclusive certainty.  Not even the actual Doctors that have weighed in on the debate. Right now, barring further scientific evidence/research, YES, Ms. Fallon needs to disclose her medical background to those she wishes to fight.  And if those born-women will take the match, and the promoter will book it, then let her fight.  If she cannot find opponents or a promoter under full-disclosure, then so be it. Based upon the current state of our "knowledge base" to do anything less than disclose is to put her opponents into "possible" danger (above and beyond the normal understood risk of fighting in a cage).  Which is not fair.

fightharder site profile image  

3/21/13 2:04 PM by fightharder

I though so as well. But if there qualified scientist speaking up for her i reserve my judgement since i hardly know enough abiut the subject.The only thing what is important to me is tgat it should be about the science and nit the personal baggage.

fightharder site profile image  

3/21/13 2:01 PM by fightharder

If the science is not there then its not. I really do not care about all the personal baggage.My personal opinion always logically would lead me to a negative respons on the question. But since there have been scientist who spoken in her favor i do think any doubt is not only fair but prudent.

Jack Carter site profile image  

3/21/13 1:11 PM by Jack Carter

Is it because you're ignorant and a bigot?

Doc T site profile image  

3/21/13 1:00 PM by Doc T

I'm sick of seeing this bitches name.

Jack Carter site profile image  

3/21/13 12:24 PM by Jack Carter

When I was a kid, we grew up poor. We had no choice but to play with the girl toys. Being boys, through, we would soon be burning the barbie dolls and fucking up the cabbage patch kids with our bare hands. Kids will always play with a variety of toys but as they grow up, they start making clear turns towards their male nature. Playing with dolls gives way to shooting BB guns and playing with fire. Then we'd grow up more and more of our male nature kicks in we and find loads of fun playing football and basketball and MMA. The sexes are wired differently and a neutral environment will certainly not change that.

factchecker site profile image  

3/21/13 12:17 PM by factchecker

Yep. XX = Girl XY = BoyThere is no argument.

peppo site profile image  

3/21/13 12:14 PM by peppo

Dude. Act like a man, and give it up, bro.

Jack Carter site profile image  

3/21/13 12:08 PM by Jack Carter

Wrong. There is no real scientific study that proves through a neutral environment, boys will grow into men and wear dresses and put on red lipstick or choose to be gay rather than straight.