TUF 17, episode 9 fight recap



Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls the fight. They move quickly into a clinch, and Kevin pulls guard. Bubba pushes him up to the cage and looks to find room to posture and punch. Kevin tries to grab the neck, but Bubba pulls it free and climbs to his feet. Kevin stays tight and moves into a clinch again, scoring with an outside trip. Bubba does a good job underneath of scrambling and staying out of submission attempts, but Kevin is controlling on top and transitioning well from dominant position to dominant position. Chael reminds Kevin to get strikes in, as well, to score more with the judges. Kevin backs away briefly, but Bubba doesn't scramble up. He finally does crawl up with a little more than 90 seconds left in the round. Bubba circles off the cage, but Kevin has underhooks and immediately reverses. Kevin scores another takedown to close the round and finishes in top position for a clear 10-9 win.

Round 2 - Bubba tries to let his hands go to open the second, but Kevin is quickly back inside on him and into the clinch. Bubba's coaches yell for him to push away and strike, but he continues to work in the clinch, first pummeling the body and then looking for a takedown. Kevin grabs the neck and tries for a guillotine, but Bubba pulls it free and takes top position. Kevin scrambles to full guard, but Bubba is scoring points with short punches and elbows from the top. Kevin appears stuck on the bottom, as he isn't making much of an effort to scramble up. Bubba grinds away from the top. He's not landing knockout blows, but he is scoring frequently to the head and body. It's a clear Bubba round, and when the bell sounds, Kevin is very slow to rise. A third round is on tap, but Kevin looks like he might very well have broken.

Round 3 - As it turns out, there will be no third round. Kevin refuses to answer the bell.

Robert "Bubba" McDaniel def. Kevin Casey via TKO (retirement) - Round 2, 5:00

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FightToLive site profile image  

3/21/13 9:40 AM by FightToLive

Any where to watch episode 9? I missed it! I tried you tube there are many links..... all dead links weird. Can someone help with a link PLEASE!

BailmeOut site profile image  

3/21/13 8:56 AM by BailmeOut

I couldn't agree more. That last fight, went 8-9 minutes. If Hall doesn't land that kick, it goes to the judges and I'm not sure what would have happened. The guy he was fighting din't look top shelf either.While Bubba has looked bad, he is a striker with length that might give Hall problems.A wrestler almost always wins TUF.

ssj site profile image  

3/21/13 5:35 AM by ssj

ttt for how horrible a fight this was.

GSP24 site profile image  

3/21/13 12:52 AM by GSP24

Doubt it. They both looked like shit but Casey was fading big time in the 2nd. Bubba would have probably held on to him if there were a 3rd.

aaronlynton site profile image  

3/21/13 12:46 AM by aaronlynton

Had Kevin Casey not had kidney failure(is that true?), would he have been as dominant as he was over bubba in the first ?

Arecsa site profile image  

3/21/13 12:25 AM by Arecsa

Disappointing that Semen managed to duck Uriah, but if there was anybody else who deserved to be sacrificed to him in the quarters it was Bubba. Can't wait to see him stretchered by Hall.

shinbang site profile image  

3/20/13 9:48 PM by shinbang

Neither bubba or casey have any business in the UFC, they both seem too mentally weak. Just a waste of wildcards IMO

ssj site profile image  

3/20/13 9:27 PM by ssj


kgastelum928 site profile image  

3/20/13 8:56 PM by kgastelum928

I'm next!

ssj site profile image  

3/20/13 8:50 PM by ssj

worse fight i have ever seen on tuflol@bubba talking it up after a fight that pitiful