Cyborg asked for Rousey, was told 'she's not ready'

by Damon Martin |

Cris Cyborg has claimed since day one that Ronda Rousey is the one 'ducking' her and of course Rousey sees it the other way around. Their rivalry has been much discussed and speculated in the MMA media, but as of right now, they fight in different weight divisions and for different promotions, so who knows if we'll ever see this much talked about fight. Cyborg recently revealed to Damon Martin of B/R, a little bit more to the history:

"I don't want to talk trash about somebody, I want to prove it inside the cage.  When she was in my weight class she said 'I want to fight Cris Cyborg' and when I had my last fight against Hiroko (Yamanaka) I talked to Sean Shelby, the matchmaker at Strikeforce, and I said 'I want Ronda next.'  He said 'no, she's not ready for you' and after that fight she's talking bad about me but you guys protected her," Santos revealed in an interview with Bleacher Report

"Because after my fight I told them I want to fight her and they said no she's not ready for you."

In Cyborg's opinion, Rousey was being protected and continues to live under the same shield of protection right now. The Brazilian isn't sure why a fighter that competed in the Olympics at 154 pounds, then fought MMA at 145 pounds, insists that it's Santos who drops down to bantamweight for their fight to finally happen.

"She fought at 154 (pounds) in Judo, and I think who is running?  It's not me. I fight at 145, she fought at 145, who's running from this fight? Not me," said Cyborg.   "People need to see the fact to see who's running."

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Cya site profile image  

3/22/13 8:29 AM by Cya

lol @ people thinking Gina is coming backand double lol @ Gina coming back to 135

kinson site profile image  

3/22/13 1:36 AM by kinson


Bucephalus site profile image  

3/22/13 1:29 AM by Bucephalus

Cyborg doesn't seem to grasp the notion of weight classes and championships. There is no Rhonda Rousey fighting at 145lbs because there is no women's featherweight category in the UFC. The UFC has ONE women's weight class and ONE women's championship belt. Rousey is the champion of a newly formed weight class that is still developing and gaining momentum. In order for women's MMA to take root and thrive at the level of the UFC, it MUST develop at least a complete weight classe with a belt and title defenses... not just a single superfight.What happens after a catchweight fight? Where does the UFC go from there? If Rhonda wins, she hasn't defended anything.. She just goes back to defending her belt in the bantamweight division - which she is already doing without Cyborg. If Cyborg wins, there is no weight class for her to continue fighting. It's as if Cyborg expects to have a catchweight superfight for the chance to beat the UFC champion and then leave to fight elsewhere. She's delusional.

stonepony site profile image  

3/22/13 1:05 AM by stonepony

Won't fight who? That fraud who gave herself gender reassignment therapy? Cyroids has no title, is in the wrong weight division, and in the wrong organization. The UFC wanted to work with her and co-sign her Invicta contract. She turned it because she has no intention of giving up the steroids.There are plenty of female fighters. They're doing TUF. Clearly the UFC thinks you're wrong about the viability of WMMA. TUF is a long-term investment. Gina will come back, and she won't hide from Ronda behind roid-weight. Gina will also have a much better chance at beating Ronda.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

3/21/13 10:09 PM by Jons Forsberg


Random Poster site profile image  

3/21/13 10:02 PM by Random Poster

Rhonda ran to 135 long ago to avoid that fight. It's real simple she don't think she can win..."That fight (with Cyborg) definitely needs to happen… She’s gonna want to fight me as soon as possible, and I’m gonna want to fight her as late as possible, and we’re just gonna have to find somewhere in the middle. The more time they wait, the better I’m gonna get because I didn’t even have that much experience… I haven’t even fought a full round. I’ve had seven fights. I haven’t fought one round (5 minutes). The more time that goes by I feel myself getting way way better, whereas how can you like, become better at being a goon? "she's scared

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

3/21/13 10:02 PM by Jons Forsberg

in the UFC it will die off once they can't make good PPV revenue off it. Ronda Rousey won't be able to carry the show on her own in the long term, the women's division will need legit contenders, and there's only Cyborg currently and she won't fight her.

FinestScotch site profile image  

3/21/13 9:38 PM by FinestScotch

^^ The Yamanaka fight, or worst mismatch in women's history, shows the depth at 145, and why Ronda isn't there. Crocodile tears pouring from Cyroid.

FinestScotch site profile image  

3/21/13 9:37 PM by FinestScotch

Lol@ the ducking comments... even if Ronda said "yes" after the Yamanaka fight, Cyroid still would have pissed hot and gotten a year layoff, and Ronda would have gone to 135 for the bigger fights. Guyborg needs to STFU or go to 135.