VADA offers to oversee UFC drug testing for free

by Brent Brookhouse |

I reached out to Dr. Margaret Goodman of the Voluntary Anti Doping Agencey earlier today and asked if the UFC has asked for any assistance from VADA. Dr. Goodman provided the following statement:

On 2/16/13, VADA sent a proposal to the UFC addressed to Lorenzo, Dana and Frank that VADA would help them set up a state-of-the art PED program with unannounced random testing for blood and urine. We indicated that there would be no adminsitrative charges at least for the first year. This would include education courses. We would use a WADA-accredited lab, certified doping collection officers and the results would go to the fighter, the UFC, the ABC/the official MMA record-keeper for the ABC, and the commission where the fighter held a license. I believe the UFC would save money, improve public confidence that fighters are competing clean, injuries would be less with fighters competing less on PEDs, and overall safety would improve. We also mentioned that although VADA no longer has THC in our testing panel, we would include it at their request. The testing would include EPO, hGH, CIR. To date, we have had no response, but we remain happy to discuss.

In short, this means that the UFC would have no fees to pay for this drug testing other than collection fees and the testing panel -- again, only from WADA-accredited labs. The actual program would be overseen and administered by VADA along with the education portion. So, VADA would basically make no money off of the UFC as they don't own or run the WADA-accredited labs that would receive the collection/testing panel fees.

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CindyO site profile image  

3/23/13 6:57 PM by CindyO


kalki site profile image  

3/23/13 6:48 PM by kalki

Vada is just a bunch of vampires trying to get a pc of the ufc long as the states are not going to ban mma,than we don't need vada,the commish is enuff.

Billytk site profile image  

3/23/13 11:56 AM by Billytk

Agree 100% I hope that no one ever forgets that slanderous BS they posted and they go bankrupt because everyone realizes what scum they are and refuse to use them

Bwatermyfren site profile image  

3/23/13 8:23 AM by Bwatermyfren

I think this a good idea that the UFC should take up. IMHO the should be trying to rid the organisation of PEDs and checking for EPO and HGH should be done. It's kind of mad it's not already. IMOI understand it costs a lot of money but I still think they should be trying to catch people to the best of their abilities.

SOO72 site profile image  

3/23/13 1:11 AM by SOO72

It's not in their best interest to pursue more extreme drug testing, too much potential for chaos with fights dropping out all the time and superstars being branded as cheats and diminishing their marketability. They would be fools to do any more than they have to.

DanteHec site profile image  

3/23/13 12:50 AM by DanteHec


Cyril Jeff site profile image  

3/22/13 11:16 PM by Cyril Jeff

kind of like an "impartial testing org" writing slanderous pieces about fighters they're trying to test... Will never forget what they wrote about Shane. One of the worst hatchet jobs I've ever seen.

whoabro site profile image  

3/22/13 10:22 PM by whoabro

Why the fuck would anyone want a promoter to be the ones responsible for testing? Thats retarded. That is the ACs job and it should stay that way.Conflict of interest, how does it work??

Team GDP site profile image  

3/22/13 10:17 PM by Team GDP

i wish they would take this offer but there's no way they do

MrNiceguy66 site profile image  

3/22/13 10:09 PM by MrNiceguy66