Marcus Davis to petition Maine AC to change NC to Win


On May 25, 1965, Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine. In the first round, Liston fell to the ground, from the effects of a punch that few saw land. Ali stood over Liston yelling "Get up and fight, sucker!" After 20 seconds, Liston rose to continue fighting. The referee, former world champion Jersey Joe Walcott initially allowed the fight to continue, but then declared a KO, although Ali had not gone towards a neutral corner, necessary for a 10-count to be initiated.

The controvery has been ever lasting. The image is too.

On Thursday night at Bellator 93 in Lewiston, ME, Marcus Davis fought Waachiim Spiritwolf, and again there was controversy about what landed where.

Davis landed a knee to, well, that is in dispute.

Spiritwolf was given five minutes to recover, and when he was unable to, an NC was declared, as he knee had been accidental.

Now Davis is protesting to the Combative Sports Authority of Maine.

Via Facebook.

Irish Hand Grenade
After being able to watch video and get pictures of the knee. After getting to talk to the doctor I am petitioning the Maine MMA Commission asking for them to review my findings and the medical physicians report to over turn it from a no contest to a win due to he couldn't/refused to continue after a LEGAL shot. That a knee blow to the lower abdominal area that induces some sort of panic attack is not a NC.

Irish Hand Grenade
Let me know what you think. Even better maybe let the press and Maine MMA commission know what you think.
Please give me your input.
Let me explain the actual unified rule definition of a illegal knee-- there is NO rule about placement of a low knee-- knees to hips and thighs are legal the ONLY thing it says-- this is copied and pasted from the site-
    *Groin attacks of any kind

What do you think UG? Knee to the groin, or legal kick that caused a panic attack?



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Vitor the Taxi Driver Belfort site profile image  

3/31/13 4:16 PM by Vitor the Taxi Driver Belfort

Plus Spiritwolf had just dropped him with a left hand. Thats a great time to fake an injury and then quit in a fight

TexasBadAss site profile image  

3/23/13 3:35 PM by TexasBadAss

He should just call for a rematch and get a legit win and put it behind him.

Labrador site profile image  

3/23/13 2:35 PM by Labrador

Well said. I've been a fan of Marcus as well, but to argue against the no contest, especially in light of the gif controversy, really damages his credibility.

Jacinto site profile image  

3/23/13 2:28 PM by Jacinto

I didn't think he even had any fans before this lol. It was an obvious nuthshot and what reason would the guy have had to quit? Not like Marcus had been handing him an ass-whooping.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

3/23/13 11:14 AM by BuddyRevell

What's Davis talking about? That's an obvious nut shot.

used2wrestle site profile image  

3/23/13 10:00 AM by used2wrestle

Way to lose whatever fans you still had. The guy clearly knees the guy in the groin, we're not talking the toes hitting the cup on a kick, this is a full on knee, then the guy says it was legit and tries to appeal a DQ?! He must really need that win money.Reminds me of Guida running from Gray the whole fight then saying he fought an awesome fight. I'm left shaking my head.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

3/23/13 9:33 AM by ShawnTheBadger

That picture accompanying the article is bullshit.  It is after the knee slid upward. I've seen two other gifs on this forum (one has been posted in this thread) that show (to me) a shot to the pills, that then slides upwards. The cup getting jarred that hard by that (quite powerful) knee is enough to rattle the testicles or squash one. NO ONE knows how bad that particular shot hurt except Spiritwolf.  And from every other fight I have ever seen with that dude, he is a brawler who thrives on (standard) punishment and pain.  However a nut-shot can be, and apparently was, crippling cannot-continue kind of pain (liver shot, nut shot).  The kind of overwhelming pain that stops any man. I really like Marcus Davis, I'm Irish, I enjoy watching him fight, he put on some wars in the UFC.  But he needs to give it the fuck up.    

ZomBis site profile image  

3/23/13 8:58 AM by ZomBis

They need to change the NC to a disqualification give davis the loss he deserves for that low blow fuck hess lucky he got the NC and should be happy

Pikes site profile image  

3/23/13 5:43 AM by Pikes


Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

3/23/13 4:11 AM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

I just watched the fight. It clearly hit the guy in the dick, but he was over doing it a bit. Haha.