Kampmann on Diaz: I'd love to beat his ass


During an appearance on BJ Penn Radion, Martin Kampmann added his name to the list of people that want to fight Nick Diaz.

"I'd be happy to fight him," said Kampmann. "He's still got a ton of hype behind him, and he's ranked in the top-10, so that would be a good win for me, and I'd love to beat his ass."

"More than anything, I'd like to fight a top-10 opponent, so guys like Diaz, Saffiedine, but also Condit could be a possibility. We fought before and had a great match, and it would be fun to do it again."

What do you think UG? How likely is the fight? And how would Kampmann do?

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dahosse site profile image  

3/25/13 2:33 AM by dahosse

I don't know how Diaz gained this mythic status beating 2nd-raters and blown-up 155'ers, but kampmann would consistently beat him to the punch, mix up punches and kicks with an altogether more diversified striking game and just bloody nick the fuck up over 3 rounds on the way to an easy ud. Maybe nick would win in this hypothetical "no-time-limit parking lot/desert island" fight scenario his dipshit fans keep envisioning, but he loses the sanctioned sport fight version of this fight badly. This is actually a great fight for kampmann. I'd be asking for it also if I were him. Better than drawing another wrestler or a guy with big one-shot power.

TheOldOne2 site profile image  

3/24/13 11:47 PM by TheOldOne2

170lbs version of Nate vs Cowboy, minus Cowboys chin...

jasonhightower site profile image  

3/24/13 5:44 PM by jasonhightower

I agree. Total striking beat down.

GtheMVP site profile image  

3/24/13 5:40 PM by GtheMVP

Kampmann vs Diaz would be awesome, needs to be five rounds though!!

MattyECB site profile image  

3/24/13 5:18 PM by MattyECB

I wanted Martin Kampman to win his next fight since he's gotten robbed, then lost brutally to Hendricks and needs to rebound.But fuck I'm down to root for Diaz again, and Kampman is so tailor fucking made for him. Even if he starts out with technical kickboxing, which he's very capable of doing, and even if he doesn't wear down terribly which I can see happening over three rounds, he's so getting baited into a slugfest. He should've beaten Diego, but if he dicks around like that with Diaz or gets sloppy with his footwork he's getting dropped. Even better that I could see him getting pissed off and baited by Diaz STOCKTON mutherfuckers

Sid22 site profile image  

3/24/13 5:31 AM by Sid22

DIaz to Kampmann-"cool story bro"

Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes site profile image  

3/23/13 10:14 PM by Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes

You should be his trainer, then. You're clearly a boxing and MMA genius, Mr Stick and Move

AceAtGSU site profile image  

3/23/13 9:49 PM by AceAtGSU

That would favor the more powerful puncher I think, wouldn't work great for pitter-patter punching.And lol @ no one can beat diaz unless they hold him down or run away. It is called stick and move, and learning to defend a takedown.And I like Diaz as a fighter, his fans are delusional though.

Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes site profile image  

3/23/13 8:10 PM by Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes

This one was pretty funny lol

Chaelismyhero site profile image  

3/23/13 7:39 PM by Chaelismyhero

Nick is just a better fighter. Better standing,better on the groung,better cardio,and a better chin. Nick by tko. I want this fight to happen bad.