Evans eager for Hendo, cites 'mental fog' for last loss

by Franklin McNeil |

Rashad Evans has lost his last two professional bouts, the first losing streak of his career. Evans know well that in order to stay in the UFC, you have to win, and although Dan Henderson is a tough fight for anyone, Evans remains optimistic:

“I’m happy about this fight [against Henderson],” Evans told ESPN.com. “Having the chance to fight somebody like Dan is a big deal, especially after not having the performance I would have liked [against Nogueira].

“It’s good to get in there with somebody like Dan and answer a lot of critics and to show everybody that I am still one of the best guys in the weight class. I couldn’t find my rhythm against Nogueira; I couldn’t find my timing. It was just one of those things. It was like I was in a mental fog.”

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Dominique Robinson site profile image  

3/24/13 6:45 AM by Dominique Robinson

If the H-bomb hits him he'll have a permanent 'mental fog' ??

RobMachine site profile image  

3/24/13 2:01 AM by RobMachine

I had mental fog from watching that fight

ender852 site profile image  

3/24/13 1:53 AM by ender852

I think if people think that fight was boring, it is because Dan is damn near impossible to finish. I see what you are saying about Wandy, but I didn't think he'd beat Cung or Stann and look how he preformed in those fights, maybe he doesn't need people to look out for him. I feel the same way about Hendo, let him do his thing, he doesn't need protecting.

Phisher site profile image  

3/24/13 1:16 AM by Phisher

Thank you. Next show's at noon.

FunDeath4u site profile image  

3/24/13 1:07 AM by FunDeath4u

I like Machida and I like watching him fight. His style is sick, but I didn't want him fighting Dan. I knew he would just out point him he is too fast. You get what I am saying? Kind of like the axe murder. Don't put him against a bad ass wrestler at the end of his career. Whats the point? Let him brawl it out with Stan and put on a bad ass show. Dan is over 40. Let him go out in style. Rashad isn't near machidas speed, but I still think he is just going to outpoint him in a dull fight when we could be seeing the fight of the century part two.

ender852 site profile image  

3/24/13 12:54 AM by ender852

he fights exactly the same way every fight. some fights he gets the knockout:  "Machida is one of the most exciting fighters out there." he doesn't get the knockout: "Machida is boring as fuck." LOL, it has nothing to do with his opponent... **rolls eyes**

ender852 site profile image  

3/24/13 12:52 AM by ender852

because Machida is in my top 5 favorite fighters

FunDeath4u site profile image  

3/24/13 12:50 AM by FunDeath4u


FunDeath4u site profile image  

3/24/13 12:45 AM by FunDeath4u

Hmmm after reading that it does sound like I hate Rashad lol. I don't care about him though. Really this is more about being a Hendo superfan wanting to see him go out guns a blazing rather than fade away after a couple boring fights. I want Hendo vs. Shogun 2. I have decided. Thats what they should do. I would pay for that one. I would pay double for that one.

Read this if youre stupid site profile image  

3/24/13 12:42 AM by Read this if youre stupid