WSoF suspensions: Arlovski out with broken jaw


Anthony Johnson ‏@Anthony_Rumble
@AndreiArlovski i hope you are doing ok bro. Heal up fast and get back at it. God bless

WSoF 2 Medical Suspensions issued by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission:

Anthony Johnson: Suspended indefinitely, pending orthopaedic clearance of right hand.
Andrei Arlovski : Suspended indefinitely, pending oral surgeon clearance of jaw.
Tyson Nam: Suspended 30 days, for KO.
Marlon Moraes: Suspended indefinitely, pending x-rays of right hand and right foot.
Paulo Filho: Suspended indefinitely, pending CT head scan; 30 days for recovery.
Josh Burkman: Suspended indefinitely, pending x-ray of right wrist/hand.
Aaron Simpson: Suspended indefinitely, pending CT head scan and facial bones; 60 days for KO.
Gesias Cavalcante: uspended 60 days, for laceration.
Justin Gaethje: Suspended indefinitely, pending x-ray of right thumb.
Alexandre Pimentel: Suspended indefinitely, pending CT head scan, 60 days for KO.
Cameron Dollar: Suspended 30 days for KO.
Igor Gracie: Suspended indefinitely, pending orthopaedic clearance of right clavicle.
Tom Marcellino: Suspended indefinitely, pending CT head scan, neurology clearance, and orthopaedic clearance of right foot.

The most dramatic injury of the evening was to Andrei Arlovksi's jaw, and teeth. What appears to be a break and missing teeth likely occured at the end of the first round, when Johnson knocked Arlovski down twice.

The bout likely would have stopped then, but Arlovski was saved by the bell. There are reports that the bell sounded 8 or 9 seconds too late. Arlovski fought valiantly for the next two rounds, ultimately losing a unanimous decision to Anthony Johnson.


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zaqson site profile image  

3/25/13 1:48 PM by zaqson

Tough SOB!!!

eljamaiquino site profile image  

3/25/13 10:46 AM by eljamaiquino

I'm cringing looking at those teeth...

slaughteringyou site profile image  

3/25/13 10:04 AM by slaughteringyou

What are you talking about......he may never be the same after that fight. Aging fighters who are slowing down and getting their bodies wrecked dont stick around for a long time...

DaleSonnen site profile image  

3/25/13 9:50 AM by DaleSonnen

Good fight, Props to the Pitbull. Even tho he lost, the mans a winner in my book. You don't see to many fighters keep going after they had their jaw broke and teeth knocked out. I hope he recovers and comes back strong. Its fights like this that will keep Andrei around for a while.

Mookie Blaylock site profile image  

3/24/13 8:59 PM by Mookie Blaylock


Diesel67 site profile image  

3/24/13 5:57 PM by Diesel67

Up with Vale Tudo rules. No rounds, no saving by the bell, fight would have ended without AA risking more serious injury. Arlovsky's tough but discretion would have been the better part of valor. And try calling him Andrea to his face.

KnowKontrol site profile image  

3/24/13 5:42 PM by KnowKontrol

Was rooting for Andre here... Did Rumble knock out the teeth or were they already gone? I cannot find picture to verify.

TuLegit site profile image  

3/24/13 5:40 PM by TuLegit

This was one of the more gruesome fights I've seen in awhile. I always wondered why we don't see more teeth getting destroyed and this was a brutal example of jaw reconstruction.

tecknowledge site profile image  

3/24/13 5:32 PM by tecknowledge

you dont want to, it was a cringe fest. it was bad!

GelderdEnd site profile image  

3/24/13 3:11 PM by GelderdEnd