Can Benson break Silva's UFC title defense record?


Anderson Silva won the UFC middleweight title in October of 2006, a first round stoppage of then champion Rich Franklin. Silva has since won fourteen consecutive bouts, ten of those being defense of his title.

Benson Henderson won the UFC lightweight title in February of 2012 and has since defended the belt two times. Henderson however is not content with just being the champion, and has lofty goals for his career as he recently told Duane Finley of B/R:

"I'm going to continue to work hard to reach my goals," Henderson told Bleacher Report. "Anderson is now at 10 title defenses so my goal is to get 11. If he gets another title defense then I'll have to set my goal even higher. Those are the goals I set and reaching that goal is not just about setting the record. Reaching that goal is about confirming I am the best fighter on the planet. I just want to be the best fighter on the planet. There have been plenty of fighters—who at the time were known as the best fighter on the planet—but they didn't have a 10-title defense streak and didn't have all the records.

"I feel at one time BJ Penn was definitely the best fighter on the planet. Did he have a 10-fight win streak? No he didn't. Did he have an undefeated streak where he won 16 fights in a row? No he didn't. But at the same time, everyone knew and understood he was the best fighter in the world.

"I feel having that streak is my way of cementing the fact I am the best fighter on the planet. That is ultimately my goal. If it comes by winning a bunch of fights in a row and having an amazing win streak, then cool. I'll take it. I guess I don't really have to have that, but it is my ultimate goal. I want to be the best fighter I can be and be the best fighter on the planet."

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So Underground, what do you think of Benson's goals? Anderson Silva's streak seems almost untouchable, but do you think it can matched? Beaten?


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MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

3/26/13 5:50 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Couldn't agree more bro.

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/26/13 4:41 PM by Jaybrone

When will people appreciate there is more to MMA and fighting than just how many finishes a guy has. HIs fights are exciting and he is always working.

Strugglezworth site profile image  

3/26/13 4:30 PM by Strugglezworth

If I remember correctly he said he wanted to do this when he first won the belt, why would it change now after a few defenses,this isn't new news.

Jaybrone site profile image  

3/26/13 4:18 PM by Jaybrone

I don't get the people saying Pettis steam rolls him in a rematch either. That first fight was EXTREMELY close both guys have improved so it really comes down to who has improved more. Could he? Sure anything is possible. But will he? I seriously doubt it. The LW belt hasn't been defended more than 3 times ever. Let him worry about #3 and 4 first before we even discuss the chance of 11+.

BOMDC site profile image  

3/26/13 1:25 PM by BOMDC

If anyone is going to do it, it won't be at 155.

bjws site profile image  

3/26/13 12:33 PM by bjws

Kind of silly to talk about this when it's a few years away. Were he at 8 defenses, then that's a different story. Plus he has the unavenged loss to Pettis. Personally, I thought he did enough to win that first fight, but that's not what the records say. So, avenge the loss and stop talking about this for a few years.

shaqitup site profile image  

3/26/13 12:19 PM by shaqitup

All via split decision

TheFlood58 site profile image  

3/26/13 12:16 PM by TheFlood58

Big negatory squirrely too many really good fighters in the division

MrNiceguy66 site profile image  

3/26/13 12:09 PM by MrNiceguy66

^^^ still won't be easy. I don't know if Bendo will beat the record, it's too early to tell... And too many good fighters.