PA Commissioner Greg Sirb: Amateur MMA in the USA is 'a mess'


Greg Sirb, who has served as executive director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission since 1990, has taken a look at the Regulation of amateur MMA, and he is not happy:

The AMATEUR MMA situation in the States is a “”MESS”

In a simple review of the records just within the past six months I have documented over (60) amateur MMA fighters who were TKO/KO by strikes yet received NO suspension – of these (60) – 37 of them had NO MMA ID – so how do we even know who they are ? – I think it would be very easy for an amateur fighter to by KO’d then just turn around the very next day and fight again using a different name – WHO would KNOW ?

There are currently 12 states where amateur MMA is legal but not regulated:
Below is a listing of the # of Bouts in each of these states:
 Montana= 0 bouts
S. Dakota=0 buts
Michigan=108 bouts
Illinois=86 bouts
Alabama=11 bouts
Virginia=47 bouts
Vermont=31 bouts
N Hampshire=0 bouts
Alaska=0 bouts
Massachusetts=0 bouts
Missouri=304 bouts
Tennessee=25 bouts
New York =30 bouts (although  Amateur MMA is NOT legal)

**So we have 642 amateur bouts ( just so far in 2013) that have NO State Commission regulation – which in many cases means NO medical suspensions – NO MMA ID cards  - this is a SCARY SITUATION

Three possible solutions:
1.       Have all states/tribes that allow Amateur MMA regulate it
2.       If the Commission cannot get regulation authority than amateur MMA in that state should be banned
3.       The formation of a National amateur MMA Association 

Gregory P. Sirb
PA. State Athletic Commission
Harrisburg, PA. 17110


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GooseLeeMMA site profile image  

3/29/13 3:14 PM by GooseLeeMMA


Steven S site profile image  

3/29/13 2:42 PM by Steven S

He still walk around in his 1980's track suit and have little man's complex?

GooseLeeMMA site profile image  

3/29/13 1:57 PM by GooseLeeMMA

I don't necessarily agree with that but I can see the argument

Phil Cornelius site profile image  

3/29/13 1:34 PM by Phil Cornelius

No point of doing ammy's if you won't be a pro in the future.

Phil Cornelius site profile image  

3/29/13 1:33 PM by Phil Cornelius

People wanna call that guy a troll....but he's right on ONE thing you post something on here if your not over the top with gifs and writing a lot of shit NO ONE REPLIES may not even get any vote I see where he coming from with that. The rest I have no comment I stopped doing Ammy's once I saw the UFC contract Tito had any boss like that is not worth working for...Giving away certain rights? TO Dana na i'm good I already have one governing body trying to do that....Just my view on it.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

3/29/13 1:01 PM by KingofBJJ

It's ironic that the same people griping about government regulations, are suddenly proponents of regulations.

GooseLeeMMA site profile image  

3/29/13 10:49 AM by GooseLeeMMA

Originally what was it for guys with 3 or more ammy fights GNP would be allowed. Haven't heard much since

Mark Krumrine site profile image  

3/29/13 10:46 AM by Mark Krumrine

My only wish besides the new rules is that there was some sort of punishment for no showing Ammy fights.... It's really pathetic

abick23 site profile image  

3/29/13 10:44 AM by abick23

I heard rumors that the new ammy rules will be voted on in 3 weeks. I guess they will different rules with GNP for expericened ammys.

GooseLeeMMA site profile image  

3/29/13 10:35 AM by GooseLeeMMA

88 mile round trip is dedication! But to train with the best it's worth it. You guys have a good place