Zahabi: If GSP fights Silva next, that could be his last fight


Firas Zahabi, lead trainer for UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, recently appeared on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Cheap Seats” show, and discussed who's next.

“That’s something that after he comes back from vacation we’re going to have to sit down and talk about, Georges and me and his management,” said Zahabi. “It’s not a one-sided decision. The UFC is going to have to obviously tell us what they want to do. I think Georges would do either fight, to be honest with you.”

“If he fights Hendricks, I think he could fight for longer. He could have more fights after that. If he fights Anderson Silva, I could really see that being his last fight. He’ll retire after that because there won’t be a bigger fight for him to do, I think, anymore in his career."

"Win or lose, I think he’ll probably end on that note, on Anderson Silva. Maybe that’s why it’s been pushed back a little bit, but I think when it does happen, it’ll be the last one because once he goes up a weight class, he’s never coming back down.”

Listen to entire interview... (1:06:56 mark)

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Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes site profile image  

4/1/13 10:59 AM by Never Paid Wolf Ticket Taxes

^don't get used to it, I only make serious posts once a year :)

kyle223 site profile image  

4/1/13 10:30 AM by kyle223

First time I've ever agreed with anything you've said ;)

TuLegit site profile image  

4/1/13 10:04 AM by TuLegit

I don't get why he wouldn't just get even massive-er and fight jones

buckshot44 site profile image  

4/1/13 9:50 AM by buckshot44


whoabro site profile image  

3/31/13 12:28 PM by whoabro

This.As a huge fan of his, i hope he does retire soon. Be the guy who doesnt stick around too long.

SilverSpoon1996 site profile image  

3/31/13 12:14 PM by SilverSpoon1996

Jones is 25 years old.. if he loses to Anderson, He isnt the GOAT, and Anderson retires 2 years later, GSP is gone after the next fight or 2 anyways, and they are left with the junk in there hands. You put GSP with Anderson, no matter what happens... GSP retires greatest pound for pound and greatest welterweight champion ever. If he loses, hes just the greatest welterweight champ. Plus to make these fights you would have to pretty much make the smaller man come up to the larger division to make the fight really work. Jones is 6-4, How many men that size in the middle weight division and ranked in the top 10??? .. NONE, Rockhold is the largest at 6-3, and his body type looks very thin compared to some others. The division is between 6-0 and 6-2. GSP is 5-10... either way its a bad match up. If everyone was smart there are 2-3 fights left for GSP for him to have truly say he owned that division. He has to fight Hendricks and let Condit fight Rory, and either fight the winner of them and go or fight Anderson, or just go fight Anderson AFTER Hendricks, and retire. GSP has a different fighting style then most other in his division. Give some of these guys a second time around and GSP might not be as happy with the outcomes. Or in 2-3 fights set him up with a better sized fighter like Bendo and have him move up to 170. Bendo needs to beat Melendez, then fight Pettis Again. Then there would be no one left for him at middle weight, and he could have his super fight with a man in his prime. Not a 39+ year old fighter.

SoupCan site profile image  

3/31/13 11:35 AM by SoupCan

Stephen let me tell you what I imagine you to look like when I read your postsBlue help a guy out

BubblesNS site profile image  

3/31/13 11:28 AM by BubblesNS

I am truly pleased at prospect of his retirement. He uses his skills to avoid fighting. I only wish he had used his skills to finish. Its like we only saw half of gsp since serra clocked him.

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

3/31/13 10:00 AM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

Man I have some dust in my eye or something....LOLMy biggest problem is that I typically post only from work, and my work can stress me out bad. So I turn around and take it out on posters here by being condescending and douchey. I need to work on that. :(Happy Easter to any posters here who believe in that nonsense! :-)