Robert Drysdale: Why I left Xtreme Couture

by Stephie Daniels |

Stephie Daniels talks with Brazilian jiu jitsu ace and surging undefeated MMA fighter, Robert Drysdale about the migration of Xtreme Couture team members to his gym, the politics and over-commercialization of jiu jitsu, Lloyd Irvin, Vinny Magalhaes, and more.

Drysdale on Xtreme Couture

I think I was the first one, or at least one of the first ones to migrate away from Xtreme Couture. You know, I get along with Randy and it was cool, but I felt that I wasn't getting the instruction that I wanted when I first moved there. One of the reasons I moved to Vegas was Xtreme Couture, because I wanted to work with all the wrestlers. I figured if I could get my wrestling in good order, I'd be set in MMA.

I love Randy, don't get me wrong, but I was disappointed with the instruction. As far as people helping me, well, I was helping them a lot more than they were helping me. It didn't make any sense for me to stick around. I figured I'd just open my own place.

I'd still go to Xtreme Couture to spar, but after a while, the sparring at my place got better, so I quit going. I just do everything at my place now, and there ended up being a slow gravitation over to my place from there. It didn't happen over night, but pretty much all those guys I used to train with at Xtreme Couture are all training at my place now. There's good training here, and everyone seems to like it. It's very flattering, and it's something I take great pleasure in, being able to share some of my experience and my knowledge with these guys.

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Drysdale fights DJ Linderman at Legacy fighting Championship 19
on April 12, 2013.    

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Brian J DSouza site profile image  

3/31/13 9:22 PM by Brian J DSouza

Someone should ask Drysdale what he thinks of Xtreme Couture's grappling coach Neil Melanson.

GreatCornholio site profile image  

3/31/13 8:56 PM by GreatCornholio

It does seem like there is a half life for top gyms of 5 years or so. It is as if once they pop, it's too much for the head to keep on top of. Some gyms go mainstream and remain very profitable. (Renzo Gracie has a ton of students, and over a dozen affiliates) Some seem to just fade. (Miletich) Some drop off the planet. (Lion's Den) Cesar Gracie is one of the few that's been around for a long time, perhaps because they don't import talent, and keep the pipeline going?

burner22 site profile image  

3/31/13 8:28 PM by burner22

What does he think about bravo?

Russ site profile image  

3/31/13 7:32 PM by Russ


Brian J DSouza site profile image  

3/31/13 5:59 PM by Brian J DSouza

Good article/interview, Steph!

BRZ site profile image  

3/31/13 5:44 PM by BRZ

Good one Crooklyn

Doem site profile image  

3/31/13 5:40 PM by Doem

well they said the same thing about Militech. These guys are going around the county taking on other ventures and the gyms suffer

Anderson P. Sonnen site profile image  

3/31/13 3:55 PM by Anderson P. Sonnen

IN for later.Crooklyn you always bring the hot stuff ;)

Evzey site profile image  

3/31/13 3:54 PM by Evzey

Thanks crooklyn

hackett site profile image  

3/31/13 3:38 PM by hackett

The latter seems the direction he wants to take, just including some MMA coaching. Yeah, this is really interesting to me. MMA business just isn't always what we think it is. He seems a really good guy. Maybe I'll visit his academy next time I'm in LV. Great interview!!!