NJ, Nevada clarify weigh in rules


Last week, Quebec athletic commission representative Joyce Tremblay said that the weigh-in rules in place for Georges St-Pierre's UFC 158 welterweight title defense against Nick Diaz allow fighters to weigh up to 0.9 pounds above the 170-pound weight limit, and still be recorded as 170.

The commission said further that this is the standard generally, and was not an exception made for St-Pierre.

The weigh-in figures for the past five UFC events in Quebec, each of which included a title fight, all show whole numbers only, with no decimal points.

Dave Deibert of Post Media news sought out two of the leading ACs in the nation, to see how they calculate fight weight.

According to Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer, officials in the state “go by half-pounds so I round down to the nearest half-pound.”

In Nevada, added Kizer, the scales used go up and down by .2 pounds, so 170 pounds, 170.2 pounds and 170.4 pounds would be rounded down to 170 pounds and be considered to have made weight in the welterweight division. A fighter at 170.6 pounds or 170.8 pounds would round down to 170.5 pounds and be given up to one hour to lose the necessary weight.

In the state of New Jersey, common practice includes making exact weight (or less) for championship bouts.

Nick Lembo, counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, said that his agency “will allow one pound over on a contract weight, unless the promoter denies such allowance. However, the caveat is that most promoters want major title fights to be dead-on weight. Thus, 170 becomes exactly 170 or less.”

In previous UFC events in the state of New Jersey, UFC officials did not request a one-pound allowance for championship bouts, added Lembo.

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4/3/13 4:33 PM by Lazer MMA

It makes you think posting a bunch of insults and pure crap OVER AND OVER about pure nonsense already refuted and other irrelevant crap, the motive or mental capacity of posters. No question, not to let the matter be closed from the trivial truth, that I already said that CR said it was only a possibility (I concurred), it still seems too stupid a conversation to continue subsequent to that fact! The purpose seems to be to divert attention from the true fact which is undisputed:"The point here as multiple professional sports writers concur, is that standards were used which favor the local fighter in this case (not IF they were legal or no) and that it was clearly UNETHICAL to do this (legal or no).This is why the commission felt compelled to further there NEGLIGENCE and LIE about it's past use of decimals, and why MM denied there use as well even though he was on tape talking about it (AGAIN professional journalists point this out as correct too with none that I know of supporting the commission). "

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4/3/13 4:20 PM by Standup29

For you CRmoron. I know they exist. I have also been around a lot longer than 2011. I have unfortunately not started posting here since then but have been on Sherdog (yeah Sherdog sucks blah blah) since 2005 under the same name. Have a nice day too!

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4/3/13 4:17 PM by Standup29

Actually CR is a moron. He did say I must be a paid poster or support them. And Lazer you are one for saying he made a sound point which was I must be one.Nothing I have said resembles a paid poster or a shill. Think whatever you want. Im done talking about this.Have a good day to dick!

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4/3/13 4:11 PM by Standup29

I will say go back and read what I posted. I said why Diaz benefited from knowing and also said it would have been better to know before he cut weight. But if he had already cut do you not agree that being able to start to rehydrate sooner than after the weigh ins would be beneficial? Again not as beneficial as knowing before. The QAC and all other ACs need to be more consistent. AND fighters or their management need to be more responsible and proactive for knowing how things are handled where they are fighting. This whole situation was avoidable by both the QAC by having clear and precise rules written and by the Diaz camp by asking beforehand how they handle weigh ins (see Nate vs Benson for rational) and anything else they want clarified. Outside of that I don't have any issues other than MM opening his mouth. I don't care about text messages and I don't think it was this huge thing to help GSP. You can disagree and that's fine as I have stated. Why do you have such a problem with my perspective or anyone who has one different than yours? I have been respectful to everyone outside of one post which I already apologized for. I do grow tired of the constant use of shill, paid poster, hater and nut hugger. Which I state in many threads.

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4/3/13 3:57 PM by Standup29

Go back and read my posts. Have already covered your points. My narrow brain followed everything. No rules broken. MM shouldn't have said anything to begin with. ALL ACs should clearly state how they handle weigh ins. I didn't need several news sites to tell me they aren't consistent hence why I think it should be clearly stated in the rules. You see more of an issue here than I do. I also believe Diaz should have checked with the AC well in advance after his brother was unaware he didn't get a whole pound for a title fight. Also, I apologize for calling you both morons. While typing I may have combined your posts with what I read before (someone was saying something about post counts and this thread) when you comment you can't see anything on your phone.

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4/3/13 3:38 PM by Lazer MMA

Get a grip you twit. I never said you were a paid poster nor did CR! He suggested it was a mere possibility and I though it was a logical post he made.Why can't your brain just absorb the fact "as multiple professional sports writers concur, standards were used which favor the local fighter in this case (the issue was not IF they were legal or no) and that it was clearly UNETHICAL to do this (legal or no)." Are you that stupid really that you can't understand?How can Diaz have "benefited" after his cut from the knowledge he did not have to cut as much as he did and there would be extra time to cut more if necessary exactly?You see that's the thing that makes us think! R U just too stupid to grasp these simple concepts or are you just diverting attention away from the heart of the matter (quoted)? That's why I brought it up about Curtis, He answered similar data as quoted above with having some extra nines? Why fuckin post that? Why would you post as above. I actually tend to believe you though and give you the benefit of the doubt, you're just a twit. Have a nice day.

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4/3/13 3:35 PM by Lazer MMA


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4/3/13 3:21 PM by Standup29


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4/3/13 3:19 PM by Standup29

Your both morons. I know they have been used in the past. Read up, I commented on it in this very thread. I hate any name calling but my God you would have to be a moron to think Im a paid poster.You'd also have to be a moron if you think any post I have ever made ever reflects being paid by Zuffa. Some how asking for what rule wad broken, calling MM an idiot, believing Diaz benefited from being informed and wanting rules (including how they round) in writing makes me a shill or paid poster.

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4/3/13 3:03 PM by TheVileOne

Toronto rounded down in the Mark Hominick/Jose Aldo fight for Mark Hominick who weighed in at 145.25 lbs. He didn't have to weigh in again.