Jones: Sonnen my weakest opponent to date


Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones doesn't believe that Chael Sonnen believes.

"He just doesn't believe," said Jones. "And that's why he comes up short in every opportunity he has to be a champion. He doesn't have a champion's soul, heart, work ethic.

"Nothing... He's not a champion. He's not made out of championship stuff. He just wants that spotlight. He wants that opportunity. He wants that big fight, and I'm gonna give him what he wants. I will defeat Chael Sonnen in an extremely devastating fashion." 

Jones and Sonnen fight at UFC 159 on April 27, 2013 live on PPV from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.


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BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

4/4/13 6:58 PM by BLACKBUDDAH


BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

4/4/13 6:56 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

One of the worst beatings you can take is the one punch or submission that makes the 300+ punches irrelevant.

IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap site profile image  

4/4/13 1:57 AM by IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap

Please tell me you're not just basing a fighters skills based off of a fight record?That's some dumb shit.

joshirvine718 site profile image  

4/3/13 11:50 PM by joshirvine718

Sure hope these are head games. Jones might get shocked if he is taking this fight lightly. A real loss might be good. Could turn jones into a super machine, even more then he is now!

LotionInTheBasket site profile image  

4/3/13 5:56 PM by LotionInTheBasket

Jones' weakness is sub defense. Sonnen isn't a finisher. Jones also has a reach and size advantage. Enough IMHO to make Sonnen's slightly superior wrestling largely ineffective.Textbook Jones win I'm guessing. Hope Chael is getting a big payday with this, because after there isn't much left for him.

AngryFoamy site profile image  

4/3/13 5:54 PM by AngryFoamy

I admire and appreciate Jone's skill, but I detest him as they he represents himself as an athlete/person.  I really hope Sonnen beats his ass.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/3/13 5:16 PM by SQUEEZIE

they should not even have a 205 class huh? everyone who fights in that class or once fought in that class sucks.

YourJesus site profile image  

4/3/13 7:33 AM by YourJesus

attaboy Jon hyping this ridiculous fight. Sorry but your last min efforts won't hide the fact that you and Chael are bffs. But expect more trash talking between the two in order to sway the WWE fanbase. Anyway, Chael doesn't find a way to lose due to his mentality; he loses because he isn't as talented as the guys that beat him. He's just a hs/college wrestler, and not a warrior like Anderson. Idiot Chael apologists still believe Chael "let" Anderson win those fights due to mistakes, when in fact, it was Anderson who imposed his will on the weaker, less talented man. Also, the first Anderson/Chael fight was a marketing ploy by team Anderson to pump up his documentary Like Water, which centered on that fight. Anderson wanted to create this whole "hero comeback" aura around him to further solidfy his status as a champion who endured everything and still found a way to win. A way to give himself more of a legendary status. Further evidence of this "conspiracy theory" is the second fight. It was a joke with Chael not being able to do any damage, even in the first rd with complete top control. I feel sorry for people who expected anything more.

aaronlynton site profile image  

4/3/13 3:08 AM by aaronlynton

Although I agree, JBJ better back his mouth up and not lose

MMA6053 site profile image  

4/3/13 2:36 AM by MMA6053

At 27-12-1 your 'truly' doesnt carry much weight....