Official: Gustafson out of Saturday's UFC on Fuel TV main event


Today the Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation made public their ruling in determining whether or not Alexander Gustafson would be cleared to fight this weekend. It was not a decision favorable to the UFC, who was hoping the lightheavyweight would still be cleared to fight:

According to SMMAF regulations the competitors in a match shall be examined by the certified appointed match doctor prior to the match. The examination is always carried out the day before the match, this is to safeguard that a competitor shall never be cleared for a match earlier than the day before the match.

In the case of Alexander Gustafsson there was a request for an early indicative medical examination which was immediately performed on March 30th (Easter Eve). The federation doctors that performed the examination informed Gustafsson that his injury was of such a nature that it was very unlikely that he would be medically cleared for a match in the near future. These doctors did not have a mandate to stop the match at the time of that examination.

The SMMAF Medical Committee has today reviewed the circumstances regarding Gustafsson and his injury. The SMMAF Medical Committee recognizes that a competitor cannot be medically cleared earlier than the day before the match. However, bearing in mind that a correct medical examination that met the regulatory demands has been performed, nothing in the SMMAF regulations hinders the SMMAF Medical Committee from making a decision to stop Gustafsson from competing. As it is clear that Alexander Gustafsson will not be fit to compete as planned and cannot be medically cleared on Friday the 5th of April, the SMMAF Medical Committee has today decided that Alexander Gustafsson will not be allowed to participate in the planned match on April 6th.

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It is unclear at this time if if Gegard Mousasi will stay on the card, and if so, who he will compete against.

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sparkuri site profile image  

4/2/13 8:06 PM by sparkuri

Don't ever change man.

Card site profile image  

4/2/13 8:00 PM by Card

Card subject to change

crossfire site profile image  

4/2/13 7:56 PM by crossfire

What a fucking joke.

Officer Farva site profile image  

4/2/13 7:40 PM by Officer Farva

He's in, he's out, he's in, he's out. Make up your damn mind already.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

4/2/13 7:13 PM by GoodnightWorld

@DanaWhite Mousasi will face Iliir Latifa this Saturday live on @FUELTV Latifa is from Sweden and training partner of Gustafsson.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

4/2/13 7:12 PM by GoodnightWorld

There's always a puncher's chance, but fuck. Gegard KO'd Musashi and dropped Kyotaro after he won the K1 Grand Prix. He has the best striking in the UFC at light heavyweight....this Latifa might be doomed.

Sam9104 site profile image  

4/2/13 7:03 PM by Sam9104

Mousasi will face Iliir Latifa this Saturday live on @FUELTV Latifa is from Sweden and training partner of Gustafsson.From Dana Whites twitter. That sucks. I payed 270 bucks from that ticket.

xgood4nothingx site profile image  

4/2/13 6:32 PM by xgood4nothingx

I'll take it if you lube up properly.

easedel site profile image  

4/2/13 5:01 PM by easedel

This. I think people push training wayyyy too much.

UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache site profile image  

4/2/13 4:36 PM by UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache

What a clusterfuck.