Chiappetta: RYU lost $10 mil, gross was under $1 mil


The apparel and lifestyle brand Respect Your Universe (RYU) has left the MMA space, citing a lack of opportunity.

“That direct association with the sport and the UFC has ended. Endorsement deals with individual fighters and Ultimate Fighting Championship expired in December and will not be renewed," said the new CEO of RYU. “The MMA community is a small market, even when I ran Sports Authority I didn't want anything to do with MMA brands.  There's not enough opportunity."

Now MMA Fighting's Mike Chiapetta reports that the company's 2012 SEC filing report a staggering loss.

The apparel company RYU that just left the MMA biz reported in their 2012 SEC filings a $9.8 million loss, and only $848,000 in sales. Ouch.

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HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

4/10/13 1:00 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

i can tell you from my time at metal mulisha and sitting in on sales meetings with the owners of tilly's, dicks, zummies, pac sun and several other very large retailers one brands name and one brands name only ever comes up as the reason no one wants to touch mma clothing and wants nothing to do with mma brands.   one company that flooded the market and then after every A level retailer was stuffed with gear did a lic deal and sent the same exact designs to mass market and fucked everyone of them over by leaving them stuffed with millions invintory that they had paid more for than it was now being sold for. they lost millions and will never ever touch it again.    good job you are truly truly "bad for the sport"     

fundafighterrob site profile image  

4/4/13 8:31 PM by fundafighterrob

Musclepharm is a publicly traded company under the stock symbol mslp on the pink sheets, their financial information is public. I use yahoo finance to check stock quotes and then you can look at all of musclepharm a news releases including their financial statements

Glovegate site profile image  

4/4/13 6:36 PM by Glovegate

That's how it's pronounced in Japanese, brah.

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/4/13 6:27 PM by 12SixElbow

Where did you get these numbers?

PrettyBoy site profile image  

4/4/13 3:48 PM by PrettyBoy

Rampage really got those Michael Bisping type fights didn't he?Joe Silva fed him nothing but bad matchups for the last few years while doing anything they can PR wise to make the public hate him.Rashad won how many in a row before they have him a shot? And Rashad is about as friendly as they come.

Utah get me two site profile image  

4/4/13 11:07 AM by Utah get me two

Did someone really call Randy Couture "classy"?

The Za site profile image  

4/4/13 6:26 AM by The Za

King Mo isn't white friendly but Rampage is?

mister3mma site profile image  

4/4/13 5:54 AM by mister3mma

RYU was built to fail: execs trying to hop in on an emerging sport and build a brand based on nothing truly fight oriented. MMA is just starting to grow internationally. Talking about US clothing designs is just a small facet of the culture and branding dollars behind it. Tapout was built by MMA fans for fans, affliction as well, and every other legit brand started in a gym or close to it. Roots of Fight, Clinch gear, etc are examples of great MMA brands that represent the culture well.

ruggets4nuggets site profile image  

4/4/13 5:39 AM by ruggets4nuggets

Rashad Evans, Rampage, Bones, off the top of my head are some black promoted UFC stars.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

4/4/13 4:45 AM by PrettyBoy

It's the UFC's MO. The first two fighters the UFC pushed were Dana's fighters,bleached hair Tito Ortiz and Mohawk Chuck Liddell. It wasn't hard for fighters to see what angle they needed to portray to get the push.The push creates the trend. It's the same reason Boxers all became obnoxiously arrogant after Muhammad Ali.And that is not the worst filter for fighters the UFC has imposed. People don't want to hear this but the UFC's success has been the ability to capture the young white male demographic. They have been able to do hold it for the same reason Cooney vs Holmes was the largest grossing fight in Boxing history until The Sound and the Fury. White people love to root for white fighters. They want to see themselves in the sport. They want to see themselves as tough guys.Boxing had pretty much eradicated white fighters from the landscape during the 70's 80's and 90's. And even now you will notice ALL of the Black guys UFC's has on roster are white friendly. Meaning they are foreign or are white washed. UFC isnt interested in having King Mo's or Gerald Harris dominate their ranks. They have made that very clear. That IMO is more egregious than making me watch a bunch of pricks with purple Mohawks and bad tatoos.