Gustafsson: I slipped and hit my head on corner post on Thurs.


Alexander Gustafsson suffered a cut in training and was declared ineligible to fight by the regulating body in Sweden. The UFC replaced "The Mauler" with a "The Sledgehammer" - Gustafsson's team mate, Albanian-born Iliir Latifi.

Gustafsson posted a image of the cut and description of what happened on his personal website.

To all of you who are wondering I will tell you what happened:

During Thursday's (March 28) class, as we ran wrestling drills, I lost my balance and pitched forward, hitting my eyebrow on a corner post in a very unfortunate way. Immediately after it happened, I went to the hospital and got three stitches. I was quite prepared to compete, until the doctors called and told me that the cut will not have time to heal in time before the fight.

It is of course extremely sad when training camp has gone very well. Except for the eyebrow, I am in my best shape and completely ready for the fight. It is also sad for my opponent, Gegard Mousasi, who has also been training long and hard for this match.

I and my team have done everything we can to get set up and compete despite the cut. It is unfortunately not in our hands anymore.

I am extremely sorry for this and I feel for Gegard Mousasi. The next step now is that I sit down with the team and plan the future.

Thanks again for all your support!

Read entire article... (original Swedish)

The position of the cut is extremely dangerous, as it is directly over the eye. If deepened, cuts in that area can cause permanent nerve damage.

However, a lot can happen in a week. This image taken recently shows a different view.

The image prompted UFC president Dana White to criticize the decision by the Swedish regulatory body.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
This pic was taken of Gustafsson today and u can't even see the cut!!! Worst decision I have EVER seen to pull fight

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LoganClark site profile image  

4/4/13 1:18 AM by LoganClark

Nowhere in my post did I say water. We both said cutting. It is left up to interpretation.

Purgey site profile image  

4/3/13 2:35 PM by Purgey

I heard he gets up to 450 pounds before cutting weight.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

4/3/13 1:53 PM by The Last Emperor

This sucks.If Gegard wins the fight against his replacement fairly easily and doesn't get injured, reschedule this fight immediately after!

GSPsShadyHandWraps site profile image  

4/3/13 1:34 PM by GSPsShadyHandWraps

Nowhere in my post did i imply he was cutting water. He walks around 240 and has to cut calories fairly drastically before he starts cutting

Card site profile image  

4/3/13 12:36 PM by Card

Training wrestling drills beside a corner post... ummm... you might want to change that for next time.

abi site profile image  

4/3/13 12:34 PM by abi

double post

LoganClark site profile image  

4/3/13 11:27 AM by LoganClark

Ha! Yes, he was cutting such a vast amount of weight that he started the cut a week before weigh ins. If a fighter is lethargic and weak a week before completing the cut, he is doing it wrong.

iqwrestler site profile image  

4/3/13 11:24 AM by iqwrestler

i has a sad

Motivated Penn site profile image  

4/3/13 11:15 AM by Motivated Penn

I think that would be awesome.I generally think the UFC should play around with their commenting teams, adding people, moving people around. Mix it up.