Rashad: Ilir Latifi "biggest recipe for disaster"


When UFC president Dana White tweeted that Ilir Latifa (sic) was replacing a lightly injured Alexander Gustafsson vs. Gegard Mousasi at UFC on Fuel 9, the sport came together and responded as one: "Who?"

However, one notable figurewas quite familiar with the Sweden-based fighter - Rashad Evans had sparred and worked with Latifi in the past.

"One of the biggest things is that he's super strong. He's very strong and very explosive and he's a good wrestler," said Evans. "He has pretty good stand-up as far as he hits pretty hard, and so he's not so technical in the striking, but he's a powerful striker."

"It's very tough because it takes your body some time to actually peak to get ready to compete. Especially the way we compete and the level we compete at it's not something you take on short notice if you've got an opportunity to. So for him stepping in on three days notice, it's definitely tough. He has a huge upside and the upside definitely outweighs the downside."

"That really is the biggest thing of this whole fight is this whole story. Here you've got this guy Gegard trying to make his debut in the UFC, and he's been having so much steam coming over from the other organization and then to have a chance to fight a top guy like Gustafsson and then having to fight somebody completely different. Completely different strengths all together. Not only that but (Latifi) is 5' 8" and he's got totally different strengths. He's a wrestler, he's going to try to take you down and he's tough. He's a tough unknown guy.

"Now if he goes out there and has a hard fight with a tough, unknown guy now it looks like he's not on the level, he shouldn't really be in the UFC anyways. He's in a no-win situation. The only thing that can save this for him is to have a complete, dominating performance the whole fight. He's in a tough position, I don't envy Mousasi at all."

"It has the biggest recipe for disaster written all over it. At the same time, you've got to take your hat off to Mousasi who says 'I'm going to fight this guy, I'm going to keep this show going and I'm going to fight this guy.'  It's a big huge risk to fight a tough, unknown kid like Latifi. I'm telling you this kid is tough."

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AngryGerbil site profile image  

4/6/13 8:21 AM by AngryGerbil

Yep, that part is true unfortunately.Anything can happen in any fight, but I think Mousasi(33-3) should pretty much walk right through Latifi(7-2), whose biggest win is an UD against an aging Tony Lopez..Mousasi wins this fight 9 times out of 10.

BOMDC site profile image  

4/5/13 6:31 PM by BOMDC

Has a sad because the timing of Hendo and Bones would have been awesome. Maybe Dan's chances are lower than I think but I was hyped for that.

shrekk site profile image  

4/5/13 5:31 PM by shrekk

Sure thing, goes to show how you have literally no argument against meI win yet again, how's that sick 3rd degree BURN

snobordr site profile image  

4/5/13 5:22 PM by snobordr

He would have had to agree to a new fight contract right?  So I'm sure they made it worth his while, accounting for the risk he's taking.

djones site profile image  

4/5/13 5:21 PM by djones

I was about to reply but the way this sentence is worded already confrimed your ignorance....... carry on....

shrekk site profile image  

4/5/13 5:01 PM by shrekk

Mousasi steps the fuck up, he didn't pull a faggy move like Jon Jones

Nick Fury site profile image  

4/5/13 4:59 PM by Nick Fury

I'm glad Mousasi didnt turn down the fight. Tells a lot about him as a fighter, and I hope the UFC rewards him for it.

Loadin76 site profile image  

4/5/13 4:57 PM by Loadin76

  151 (edit, would have)cost $   This event free no need for the sad

BOMDC site profile image  

4/5/13 4:53 PM by BOMDC

This thread just made me think of 151 and now I haz a sad.