Should Gustafsson have kept cut secret?


Alexander Gustafsson is famously out of the UFC on FUEL TV 9 main event with a cut that went from "Oh Hell NO you CAN'T fight" to "um, oh, sure, I guess you could have."

Should Gustafsson have been discrete about the cut?

Vitor Belfort recently twittered an image of a cut he received ten days before the Bisping fight.

Vitor Belfort @vitorbelfort
This happen during a sparring session 20 stitches 10 days before the fight.#nevergiveup your dream

That fight went fine for Belfort.

Rashad Evans appeared on the April 2 edition of Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight, and offered his professional opinion.

"Whenever you fight, whatever the case may be, you want to make sure you are the best that you can be going into the cage," said Evans. "But I mean, you have three stitches. You don’t have to tell the commission about it, you’re volunteering information that you shouldn’t be. I know guys that had stitches going into it and as long as they make it past the physical on Friday before the fight then they’re good to go, but I mean, three stitches?  Maybe it’s deeper or worse than it looks and he wouldn’t have been able to fight. I don’t know."

Should Gustafsson have stayed silent? Or does that set a bad precedent, where the promotion could be out of the main event with only hours to go? Or worst of all, by not bringng up an injury, could a fighter jeoparize his health?

Or was this a case of admirable fighter responsibility, with AC over reaction?


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SimonSu site profile image  

4/8/13 1:46 AM by SimonSu

That's precisely why you can't use England as an example when you're going into countries where it's banned. Sweden has a model for doing this while England is more loose than the US even. It would be like using Haiti instead of Switzerland as model for lifiting the gun ban in Europe. 

Mr Winter site profile image  

4/7/13 8:06 AM by Mr Winter

I think if the UFC are looking to set a precedent in the EU they should be doing it in England not Sweden. I think the UK is much more receptive to combat sports in general. There is really no political gain to opposing MMA.

GrindOnLine site profile image  

4/7/13 6:13 AM by GrindOnLine

Dan Henderson kept his secret and see how it worked out

SimonSu site profile image  

4/7/13 5:55 AM by SimonSu

You're welcome and thanks yourself.   Here's an interesting contrast in perspectives. George Sallfeldt, president of the non-profit Swedish MMA Federation vs Dana White, president of the UFC   It's two different worlds...

Kirik site profile image  

4/6/13 12:04 PM by Kirik

Thank you, very, very much, for that informed perspective.

FreakDaddy site profile image  

4/6/13 10:27 AM by FreakDaddy

No, he is too close to a title fight and has too much to lose at this point.......The last thing he would want is to lose his title shot because of a loss that was a result of the cut being reopened......

SimonSu site profile image  

4/6/13 6:15 AM by SimonSu

NO HE SHOULDN'T HAVE KEPT IT SECRET.1) It's a small community where everyone knows each other and this would have surfaced one way or the other. Rumors had already begun spreading through the comment sections of the swedish mma medias long before it was brought to the AC's attention so there's no way of telling exactly who said what to who first. It could as well have been that they all decided that the official line of Alexander reporting it himself was the one that would cause the least headache, both politically and regulatory, for him as a fighter and swedish mma as a whole - we'll never know. 2) It was the first ever 5 round fight in Sweden and everyone involved was under massive scrutiny from the swedish government. Had they messed it up and the absurdly left wing regular media had decided to brand it a "scandal" (and they probably would have. Swedish left wing media makes the american dito seem like right wing propaganda in comparison), then a good scenario would've been no more 5 round fights in Sweden and the worst case scenario no professional fights, period. It's easy for fighters and regulatory guys in the states to say do this or do that but the stakes are a lot smaller for them and the culture is a lot different from the european protectionist culture. Your attitude is "it's just a cut" but it's like as if someone from the NRA in the US had decided to escort reporters off his property with the aid of a assault rifle while a weapons ban is looming in the background (and in case someone is wondering: yes, this is where you'll end up if you open up the option of the state parenting you). 3) The swedish athletic commission did not only run the risk of hurting swedish mma but they're also closely involved in political talks with politicians from Scandinavia and other parts in Europe. In interviews with the swedish AC's president George Sallfeldt he disclosed that they were required by law to to follow the decision of the autonomous medical committee as a stipulation in both their general licensing rights as well as the 5 round exemption they got for this specific match. He also said it was very unfortunate because it sort of would have set a presedent for future 5 round fights in Sweden if they had been able to go forward with it and show they could do it in a safe, responsible way. It sucks for everyone involved thus but mma in Sweden is politically sort of like removing the ban on guns and everyone from practitioners to the AC has to be very aware of this. Since Sweden is traditionally the "leader" in Scandinavia and has a regulatory standing in the EU being the nanny-state of the Europe, the implications are much more severe than just this one fight, the 5 round exemption or even the licensing rights since Sweden often sets presedent on what regulations other countries in Scandinavia and EU will have. If the ultimate nanny state can allow it, then so can Norway and France etc. In short: it was a political clusterf**k and everyone did what they had to.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

4/6/13 5:43 AM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

He didn't get the cut sparring.

Sid22 site profile image  

4/6/13 4:54 AM by Sid22

If he didnt want the backlash maybe dont spar a week out from the fight? I bet anything Gustaffson loses his title shot...who can trust to put him in a title fight??!!back of the line after this fiasco..machida then Hendo after he KOs rashad..Then Gus will be up...also the fact that others have had MUCH worse cuts and fought and won makes Gus look really bad here....Makes it hard to look forward to his next fight too

Sarsparilla Slim site profile image  

4/6/13 4:18 AM by Sarsparilla Slim

Awesome gif haha