Conor McGregor: I'm gonna tell welfare office to f@$% off now


In the opening moments of the UFC on FUEL 9 post-fight press conference, it was announced that the $60,000 Knockout of the Night performance bonus went to Irish Featherweight Conor McGregor, following his KO of Marcus Brimage in just 67 seconds.

And what does McGregor want to do with the money?

"I'm just happy I won $60K," said McGregor. "I'm just thinking on what I'm going to spend it on. I'll buy myself a car any way. A nice car, may be some suits or something. Custom made suits, I don't know.

"Just last week I was collecting the social welfare, you know what I mean? I was in there saying to them like, 'I don't know what going to happen. I'm signed to the UFC. I don't know what....blah, blah, blah.'

"But now I supposed I'm gonna have to tell them to f--- off!"

"I didn't have money before this... I was collecting 188 Euro ($245) a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60gs bonus and then my own pay. I don't know what the f---s going on to be honest, right?"

(5:20 mark)


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kiad site profile image  

4/8/13 6:29 PM by kiad

Being on the welfare system in Ireland for nearly 2 years (and being constantly dicked about by them) I'd love to tell them to fuck off. Now that I'm working again I might just do that!

Juxtaposition site profile image  

4/8/13 6:13 PM by Juxtaposition

Too much hate on the guy when he was clearly taking the piss.Also he mentioned on the MMA hour he doesn't really know what to do with the cash and is going to get in touch with a financial planner to help him out. Incredible fighter! Fun attitude and I dono about all the negative lot on here, but i'll will be watching intently.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

4/8/13 12:45 PM by ABE FROMAN

No suprise, loser. Glad you could get a taste of the same.

crozbomb site profile image  

4/8/13 12:42 PM by crozbomb

yea, they get shitloads of welfare in ireland, we were the richest country per person in the world for about 5 years.

Huey Freeman site profile image  

4/8/13 12:40 PM by Huey Freeman

Lol there's a camp down the road from me where everyone has that accent.I think mcgregor is my new favourite fighter, dudes crazy as fuck.

charliedelta1000 site profile image  

4/8/13 11:49 AM by charliedelta1000

Asking if a man with that accent is from Northern Ireland is like asking if Wille Nelson is from Boston lol. YENOWHATAMEEYAN!?

Jweinberg site profile image  

4/8/13 10:59 AM by Jweinberg

He was being facetious you judgemental cunts.  I believe mocking the american black pro-athlete..  which I approve.. best of luck to him.

Huey Freeman site profile image  

4/8/13 10:49 AM by Huey Freeman

It's more like 40 quid a week.In UK it is anyway don't know if same in Republic of Ireland Is he from Northern Ireland or republic?

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/8/13 8:26 AM by KingofBJJ

Wow. A UFC fighter on Public Assistance, it's not like we have not been telling you Dana fanboys that MMA fighters are paid crap, especially compared to Boxing.Some fighters in the UFC are paid $3000 for a fight. The average if you take out the oultiers (ie the one or two guys making over $200k). Is $30k per fight.To people living in a trailer park or the rural/farmlands, that sounds like a lot of money.But low level managers at Burger King and Walmart make that kind of money.Sure the fighter can increase his earnings by fighting more, but they don't determine when they fight: the UFC does. Most fighters are lucky if they fight more than twice a year.You still have to pay your training camp their percentage, and possibly their travel (unless the UFC does it).I don't know why everyone is afraid to box? Top contender boxers make more money in one night that most fighters make fighting several times a year for several years.They complain about getting paid what they are worth, but they don't make that leap.

fightharder site profile image  

4/8/13 6:03 AM by fightharder

He is a vikings....he will just go on another rape and pillaging spree....   And otherwise we will all get together and set up an honored you idol fund.   The dude just needs a good manager and be fine. I am sure there will be people lining up asap. If he gets a decent lawyer who takes care of his business he be ok.