Swedish AC facing internal review over Gustafsson fight ban


The regulating body for MMA in Sweden, the Swedish MMA Federatio, received crticism, perhaps most notably from UFC president Dana White, for refusing to allow Alexander Gustafsson to fight Gegard Mousasi in the main event of Saturday's UFC on FUEL 9.

This is the cut that prompted the ban:

But this is what Gustafsson looked like days before the fight:

Now medical procedures at the Swedish MMA Federation are under review, as reported by Gareth A Davies.

The Swedish MMA federation’s medical committee had chosen at midnight last Tuesday to inform Gustafsson that he was ineligible to fight because of concerns about a gash in his left eyelid, sustained in training a week earlier, which had required four stitches.

Normal practice would have been to wait until the medical checks three days later, after the weigh-ins, on the Friday.

By Wednesday last week, Gustafsson had had the four stitches removed, the cut had closed up, and he was ready to fight.

Gustafsson himself, keen to fight against former Strikeforce 205lbs champion Gegard Mousasi, branded the process “a circus”.

In fairness, his team cannot be blameless in the process, having “declared” the injury to the Swedish MMA federation.

George Sallfeldt, president of the Swedish MMA federation, told Telegraph Sport after the event: “We will be looking into the situation that happened, and the way it happened. We’ll be asking the medical committee how they arrived at their decision [on the Tuesday night] and why it was made when it was.”

But he added: “It someone contacts the federation it is difficult to do anything different to what happened. But I have to say that this situation has never happened before.”

Sallfeldt had consistently defended his panel’s decision last week, falling back on an insistence that combat sports in Sweden are governed by law, and that he was powerless to overrule it.

White told me: “I don’t want to come out and bash these guys, but they did a horrible job of this. We know Sweden has great fans, and we really like this market, but it really wasn’t good what happened."

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SimonSu site profile image  

4/9/13 4:07 AM by SimonSu

Isn't that normal practise in the US too? Why else would the UFC cancel Cedenblad and Hardy ahead of time, before it actually got into the hands of the US commissions? http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/4/2/4175892/ufc-on-fox-7-dan-hardy-wolf-heart-injury http://translate.google.se/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kimura.se%2Fjycken-om-sjukdomen-det-hela-ar-sa-otydligt-och-konstigt&act=url   I bet Dana is laughing his ass off by now. Despite having no co-main and jacking up prices they cashed in $2,710,530 gate with a 14,506 attendance. The first event in Sweden they got $2,230,000 with an attendance of 15,428 in an event that sold out in hours. And he wants to act like he's upset. He's happier than a snake oil salesman riding out of Dodge while the bartender, the shop keeper and a bunch of women are fighting with the sheriff. To put his heist in perspective the last Europe card before Sweden, Barao vs. McDonald in London, got $1,300,000 with 10,349 attending. Aldo vs Edgar with Silva vs Overeem, Lil Nog vs Evans, Maia vs Fitch and Benavides vs McCall on the same card had 10,275 attending at Mandalay Bay with a $2,437,150 gate. Rousey vs Carmouche with Hendo, Machida, Faber plus many, many more seated 13,257 with a $1,350,191 in Anaheim. In Chicago with Mighty Mouse, Dodson, Teixeira, Rampage, Pettis, Cerrone, Koch, Bader, Matyushenko and Guida they scraped together $1,270,000 from a 16,091attendance. And the list goes on and on and on...   

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/8/13 8:12 AM by KingofBJJ

Normal practice would have been to wait until the medical checks three days later, after the weigh-ins, on the Friday.--------------That's normal practice? Not making any decisions until the day before the fight? No wonder they need a review. The best thing to do was to make a decision that didn't keep everyone guessing.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

4/8/13 3:50 AM by MMA Lives Here

SN to post ratio 1:1

NorthFromHere site profile image  

4/8/13 3:42 AM by NorthFromHere

"In fairness, his team cannot be blameless in the process, having "declared" the injury to the Swedish MMA federation."Again another clueless opinion on the issue. Like SimonSu already wrote Swedish MMA scene is a very tight community where everyone knows everyone. I knew about the cut like two hours after it happened and I don't even live in Sweden.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

4/8/13 3:42 AM by ChaosOverkill

12to6Elbow, 8 week gives Dana a chance to fix the card easily, a week doesn't think about it

SimonSu site profile image  

4/8/13 3:21 AM by SimonSu

Why is everyone assuming Gustafsson's camp told the commission? Rumors began spreading long before the commission got a hold of it and it's a very small community. How it all actually came about is all guesswork dressed as information, but what is more likely? 1) Gustafsson went to the hospital, stiched it up, tried to keep it a secret but had to come clean once it got out into the rumor mill and began spreading through the very, very small community, or 2) they cheerfully rang the commission office and said: "Hi guys, we have a potential show stopper that you might wanna have a look at for no other reason than we love wasting months of hard training and losing out on a paycheck and a title shot on the biggest stage in our home country - bring your microscope and nanny state bureaucracy"?  

crwhitlock site profile image  

4/8/13 2:19 AM by crwhitlock

It was an unfortunate situation for everyone. Clearly had Gustafsson not informed the commission of the cut, he would have been cleared to fight. How the injury would have effected the fight is anyone's guess. Dan Henderson took a lot of heat for not making his injury known prior to his fight with Jon Jones. I think if any blame is to be placed on Gustafsson it would be that he should have informed the UFC first, not the Swedish commission. The UFC could have prepared a backup fighter behind the scenes or had one of their doctors examine the cut first. The UFC is a giant economic powerhouse to the cities they bring events to. Sweden does not want to do anything to discourage the UFC from returning.

Alumynabjj site profile image  

4/7/13 10:54 PM by Alumynabjj

The cut is on the eye lid and just because it is closed doesnt mean it wont rip open real easy. I am sure what is covering the cut is only a think piece of skin. No idea why Dana is flipping out. Am I wrong on this? Isnt a cut on the eyelid the worst place?

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/7/13 10:48 PM by 12SixElbow

Rory McDonald pulls out of BJ Penn fight from a cut 8 weeks out = Dana is ok with it. AC Doesn't let Alex G fight because he was cut the week of the fight = Dana upset.     O_O

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

4/7/13 10:35 PM by da Vinci 81

Yes, but don't they have to go through a pre-fight medical anyway? If he said nothing and the commission saw the cut and pulled him the UFC would have been left with even shorter notice to find a replacement. And Gus would have taken all of the heat for it.Really a no-win situation for him but he probably did the right thing letting them know in advance.